Sunday, April 9, 2017

MARTA QR Usability

Back in January of 2013 I was running late for the airport.  I was trying to determine if my MARTA card already had the needed credits to make the trip.  I had to browse through a multi-step process and then enter a 16 digit number that was printed in a very small font on my breezecard.  This is pretty cumbersome for something that should be a 1-step process.  Once on the train I sent MARTA an online comment.
Hi Guys, love the ability to look up my card value online.  Why not throw a QR code on the back of the card so I can do it super easy with my phone.
That was during the stretch where QR codes were everywhere.  Plenty of places that were silly and made no sense at all.  Mine was an example where QR codes made sense, added capability, and improved customer experience.

I should have mentioned how annoyed I was at having to navigate such a silly process.   Not long after I posted my comment, MARTA responded.
Dear Mr. Hogg,
 Thank you for your suggestion.  I am forwarding this information to the Technology Department for their review and consideration.  MARTA appreciates your input and the privilege to serve you.
 Happy New Year,
That was a pleasant surprise.  I figured that was the end of it though.  Almost a month later I was copied on another email.  It was a forwarding of my comments to a gentleman named "Roderick".
Greetings Roderick,

A few months later I was playing around reverse engineering the MARTA site and revisited the email.  It was then that I realized "Roderick" wasn't actually copied.  I went ahead and replied.
Hi Guys,
Roderick may not have made it onto the thread as I can't see him.
I took the liberty of creating a few examples with my cards here.
Knowing full well that's not the hard part, it's the printing of the cards that is the issue.
Your system will already provide the needed data with no changes.
I'll paste the example links in below:;jsessionid=1?submitButton.x=21&submitButton.y=9&cardnumber=0160023760368413;jsessionid=1?submitButton.x=21&submitButton.y=9&cardnumber=0160033552086172
There are matching QR codes in the included word doc.
In a similar vein, an SMS gateway would also make things imminently more usable.
For presumably relatively small cost.  Text your 16 digit number to 62782 (MARTA) or whatever.
I just can't leave well enough alone,
The astute among you are now able to see the balance on my MARTA card.  I'll shortly convert it to one of the new gray cards and the links and QR code may have nothing to show.  Please don't clone my card and steal my 16 rides.

There's some fun here.  Pretty sure those submitButton.x and submitButton.y arguments are there to stop people from doing what I was doing.  To be fair, that would probably stop most of the bots.  The folks might have any number of good reasons for making it difficult to build a single url that would show my card's value.  We can speculate in the comments if anyone ever reads this. Note that the "Breeze Balance" links on don't currently work as I'm typing this.  The balance URL used in the QR code does though.

Try it yourself:

The email address that I replied to bounced and I never heard anymore.

Fast forward 4 years and MARTA is in the process of updating their card system which has me thinking about this all again.  Times have changed, social media in general and Twitter in particular have allowed consumers to raise their voices with brands.  That's why I'm writing this blog post, I'm going to try to communicate with MARTA using the channels now available.  Maybe MARTA will consider innovating, maybe I'll learn something, maybe nothing will happen at all (if I were a betting man).

I think the MARTA brand would benefit from being seen as technology and customer focused.  I think adding these features to the breezecard and smart phone app would reduce usage of kiosks which would mean longer kiosk life and shorter lines for MARTA customers at peak times.  Full disclosure, I work in the customer experience space.  I'd love to see what customers do after checking their balance.  How that relates to their overall likelihood to make use of MARTA.  What features get the most usage and so on.

So how would MARTA/breezecard go about implementing all this?

First step isn't technically difficult.  The balance check URL above is still working, even if the multi-step process I initially circumvented isn't.

1. Add QR code with appropriate URL to the back of the breezecard.  If it's the same URL as above lets add a qr=1 argument.  That way whomever is working on the web analytics or customer experience side at breezecard can tell how many people are using the QR code.

2. Once viability is established, rework the or site such that card balance URL is as short as possible.  The shorter the URL, the simpler the QR code and the less likely a misread might happen.

3. It's a straight forward matter to add a QR code reader to the "Marta On the Go" app.  This reader can strip out the breezecard number and on one simple screen allow the user to see their balance, add credit, add card to an established account.  Location data would be available so a targeted location relevant advertisement could be seen.  "50 cents off a taco at Raging Burrito in Decatur".

4. Modify the balance web page such that the same features are provided without the user even having to make use of the MARTA app.

Assuming the breezecard balance check URL continues to work, you can make your own QR code and print it out for sticking to the back of your card.  Just copy the URL below and add your card's 16 digit number to the end.  Note that I've got our qr=1 argument in there.  Maybe they'll notice.;jsessionid=1?submitButton.x=21&submitButton.y=9&qr=1&cardnumber=

I used but it shouldn't really matter how you build the QR code.

I'll paste in some useful URLs below.

The MARTA Army is an independent grassroots action group, committed to enhancing the ridership experience on public transit here in Metro Atlanta. The Army engages citizens across the region to reclaim ownership over the MARTA network by making it more accessible and convenient in their own neighborhoods.




Update 1:
So far I've tweeted at every MARTA related twitter handle I can find.
@ceomarta, @goldietaylor, @martaservice, @martaarmy, @martatod1
No traction yet.  I'll keep looking.

I did confirm that is available as far as a short URL host.  16 digit (base 10) numbers can be reduced to 10 digit base 36 numbers).  So my card above could be  That's a pretty short URL for the QR code.  I'll poke around and see about shortening that further still.

Also I learned that base-36 numbers are hexatridecimal.

Update 2:
MARTA has taken some of this to heart and are now sponsoring hackathons.  Certainly I'm not the only one who thinks this way (and maybe not the only one to suggest QR codes on the back of cards, it ain't rocket-surgery).  A few more links added above.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Whiskey List Test

Last Updated: July 21, 2014

This list is an attempt to catalog all current American whiskey distilleries and brands. The idea is that if you see a bottle of American whiskey on the shelf, you should be able to consult this list and figure out who makes and markets it.

The list has two parts. Part I lists all American whiskey distilleries which are currently producing whiskey, or have plans to produce whiskey in the near future, along with their brands, listed by state. Part II lists independent bottlers of American whiskey; that is, companies that buy whiskey from the distilleries listed in Part I and bottle it under their own labels. Note that some of the distilleries listed in Part I also source whiskey from other distilleries.

These lists do not include all blended whiskey brands or brands that are for export only, though some are mentioned. It also does not include American bottlers of foreign whiskeys (i.e. American bottling companies that bottle Irish or Canadian whiskeys). It also does not include "spirit whiskey," which is whiskey in name only.

Recent Additions

June 23: Firefly Distillery in Charleston, SC 
June 26: Dominion Distillery in Colville, WA 
June 26: Bottler - Bin to Bottle in Napa, CA
June 26: Straw Hat Distillery in Timmonsville, SC
June 26: Bottler - Frankfort Spirits in Frankfort, IL
June 27: Raff Distillerie/Treasure Island Distillery in San Francisco
June 27: Broadslab Distillery in Benson, NC
June 28: Twin Valley Distillers in Rockville, MD
June 30: Big Thicket Distilling Co. in Conroe, TX
July 3: Sweet Potato Spirits in Atwater, CA 
July 5: Kiepersol Enterprises in Tyler, TX 
July 6: Bear Wallow Distillery in Nashville, IN
July 9: Tenn South Distillery in Lynnville, TN
July 11: Skunk Brothers Spirits in Stevenson, WA
July 14: 2 Loons Distillery in Loon Lake, WA
July 15: Bottler - Jus-Made in Dallas, TX
July 21: Krobar Craft Distillery in Paso Robles, CA


AL |  AK |  AZ |  AR |  CA |  CO |  CT |  DC |  DE |  FL |  GA |  HI |  ID |  IL |  IN |  IA |  KS |  KY |  LA |  ME |  MD |  MA |  MI |  MN |  MS |  MO |  MT |  NE |  NV |  NH |  NJ |  NM |  NY |  NC |  ND |  OH |  OK |  OR |  PA |  RI |  SC |  SD |  TN |  TX |  UT |  VT |  VA |  WA |  WV |  WI |  WY

Alabama (Distilleries by State)

John Emerald Distilling Co. , Opelika, AL. This distillery is working on a single malt smoked with pecan and peach woods.

Alaska (Distilleries by State)

Alaska Distillery , Wasilla, AK. The furthest north whiskey distillery in the United States, Alaska Distillery makes Alaska Outlaw Whiskey, a whiskey of indeterminate mashbill.

Bare Distillery, Anchorage, AK.  This distillery makes vodka and is working on AK Soul White Lightning Moonshine, a corn whiskey. 

Arizona (Distilleries by State)

Arizona Distilling Co. , Tempe, AZ.  This distillery is releasing sourced whiskey but is also aging whiskey made at their own site.  They are aging a malt whiskey made from Four Peaks Brewery mash.  They are also aging malt and wheat whiskeys made to their specifications at the Las Vegas Distillery.  The only whiskey they have released so far is Copper City Bourbon which is sourced from MGP. They are getting ready to release Park Rye Whiskey, likely distilled by MGP, and Desert Durum Wheat Whiskey and Humphrey's Malt Whiskey, made by them in Tempe.

Hamilton Distillers, Tucson, AZ. This distillery makes Del Bac Whiskey, a mesquite smoked malt whiskey, as well as an unaged version and an unsmoked version.

High Spirits Distillery, Flagstaff, AZ. Makers of a mesquite smoked single malt whiskey.  This distillery appears to have closed.

Thumb Butte Distillery, Prescott, AZ. Working on 1888 Rodeo Rye, Bloody Basin Bourbon and Central Highlands Single Malt.

Arkansas (Distilleries by State)

Arkansas Moonshine , Newport, AR.  This distillery makes corn whiskey under the labels Arkansas Moonshine XXX, Blue Flame Moonshine and Uncle Ed's Arkansas Moonshine.

Rock Town Distillery, Little Rock, AR. This distillery makes wheated bourbon, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey, a hickory smoked wheat whiskey, a rye and a corn whiskey, and is working on a four grain bourbon.

White River Distillery, Gassville, AR.  This distillery is working on Friday Night Red Eye Corn Whiskey.

California  (Distilleries by State)

Amador Distillery , Jackson, CA.   This distillery released a sourced bourbon distilled in Tennessee and a rye whiskey distilled in Missouri as well as Good Honest Whiskey and Exquisite Whiskey for Corti Brothers market, Kentucky bourbons finished in wine casks. They are also distilling their own rye and malt whiskeys and plan on releasing a hop flavored whiskey.

American Craft Whiskey Distllery, Ukiah, CA. This is a project of Crispin Cain, a distiller at craft brandy producer Germain-Robin who uses Germain-Robin's stills to make Low Gap whiskeys, including unaged wheat, corn and rye as well as an aged wheat whiskey and a blended whiskey.

Anchor Distilling (Griffin Group), San Francisco, CA. Old Potrero Single Malt Rye.

Ascendant Spirits, Buellton, CA. This Santa Barbara County distillery sells Breaker Bourbon, sourced from LDI, SemperFi Corn Whiskey and Silver Lightning Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

Ballast Point Spirits, San Diego, CA. This brewery and microdistillery makes Devil's Share Whiskey, a malt whiskey and Devil's Share Bourbon.

Bowen's Spirits, Bakersfield, CA. Makers of Bowen's Whiskey.

Channel Islands Distillery, Ventura, CA. This distillery is planning to make  93001 Main Street Corn Whiskey.

Charbay, St. Helena, CA. this micro in Napa County has put out two releases of its barley-based, hop flavored whiskey as well as Charbay Double and Twisted Light Whiskey.

Fog's End Distillery/C&C Shine, Salinas, CA. this distillery makes Fog's End Monterey Rye, the corn based California Moonshine and an unaged rye moonshine.

Greenbar Collective, Los Angeles CA. This distillery is working on an organic white whiskey under the label Slow Hand.

Humboldt Craft Distillers, Eureka, CA. This distillery is working on Redwood Rye.

Krobar Craft Distillery (Barton Family Wines), Paso Robles, CA.  This distillery is working on a rye whiskey.

Lost Spirits Distillery, Salinas, CA. This distillery makes peated single malt whiskeys under the labels Seascape, Leviathan and Ouroboros and is working on Steam Rye, a rye malt whiskey.

Manzanita Distilling Co., Santee, CA.  This distillery is working on Twisted Manzanita Rebellious Rye.

Old World Spirits, Belmont, CA. These makers of Rusty Blade Gin and La Sorciere Absinthe also make Goldrush Rye Whiskey and Goldrun Rye Whiskey.

Paso Robles Craft Distilling, Paso Robles, CA.  Founded by the owners of Villicana Winery, this distillery makes vodka and gin and is working on Re:Find Rye and Bourbon.

Raff Distillerie/Treasure Island Distillery, San Francisco, CA.  This distillery makes a number of spirits and is working on a bourbon, but they also make rye whiskeys for Workhorse Rye and have been marketing a Canadian rye under the label Bender's. 

Sonoma County Distilling Co., Rohnert Park, CA. This micro-micro distillery in Sonoma County makes 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey, Sonoma Rye and West of Kentucky Bourbon No. 1. Their initial release was 1512 Barbershop Rye, an unaged rye whiskey which they are no longer making.

St. George, Alameda, CA. The makers of numerous spirits, including St. George Single Malt, also make Breaking and Entering Bourbon, which is a blend of Kentucky bourbons. They are also working on a bourbon that they distilled in California.

St. James, Irwindale, CA. Peregrine Rock single malt.

Seven Stills, San Francisco, CA. This distillery plans to make seven whiskeys from finished beer, so far they have made: Chocasmoke, a peated whiskey distilled from a chocolate oatmeal stout; and Whipnose Whiskey, made from an IPA.

Stillwater Spirits, Petaluma, CA. This distillery, which makes brandy, does not sell its own whiskey yet, but they do distill the corn whiskey used in Wylie Howell Whiskey. They are also working on a bourbon a rye and a malt whiskey under the label Moylan's.

Sweet Potato Spirits/High Roller Spirits/Souza Enerprises,  Atwater, CA.  This distillery makes Corbin Cash Merced Rye Whiskey.

Tahoe Moonshine Distillery, South Lake Tahoe, CA. This distillery is planning to make Stormin' Whiskey, a corn whiskey.

Valley Spirits, Modesto, CA. Valley Spirits currently produces Outlaw Moonshine, an unaged wheat whiskey. They are also planning a barrel aged three grain (corn, wheat and rye) whiskey which they hope to put into barrels in 2012.

Colorado (Distilleries by State)

Blank & Booth Distilling Co., Denver, CO.  This distillery is planning to release Ripple corn whiskey.

Boathouse Distillery, Salida, CO.  This distillery plans to release Colorado Moonshine and Rocky Mountain Bourbon and Rye.  It is not clear if these are made by the distillery or sourced.

Breckenridge Distillery, Breckenridge, CO. This distillery is bottling Breckenridge Bourbon and Bachelor Bourbon, composed of a blend of Bourbons sourced from elsewhere and is working on a malt whiskey and their own bourbon. 

Colorado Gold, Cedearedge, CO. This distillery makes Colorado Gold Bourbon and Colorado's Own Corn Whiskey.

Dancing Pines Distillery, Loveland, CO. This distillery makes Dancing Pines Bourbon and is working on Wilderness Whiskey.

Deerhammer Distilling Co., Buena Vista, CO. This distillery is planning to release an unaged malt whiskey under the label Whitewater Whiskey and is also planning on an aged malt whiskey under the label Down Time.

Distillery 291, Colorado Springs, CO. This distillery makes 291 Colorado Whiskey Aspen Stave Finished, 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey White Dog, 291 Fresh Colorado Whiskey and 291 American Whiskey.

Downslope Distilling, Centennial, CO. This Colorado distillery makes Double Diamond Whiskey, an Irish style whiskey and is working on a malt whiskey.

Feisty Spirits Distillery, Fort Collins, CO. This distillery is planning on a rye whiskey, a wheat whiskey, a malt whiskey and two bourbons, one using rye as the secondary grain and one using spelt as well as Queen's Share Bourbon.

JF Strothman Distillery, Grand Junction, CO. This distillery is planning to make bourbon, corn whiskey and malt whiskey. The corn whiskey will be under the label Judge's Choice.

KJ Wood Distillers, Berthoud, CO.  This distillery is working on Dead Drift White Whiskey.

Laws Whiskey House (Gargoyle Enterprises), Denver, CO. This distillery is working on A.D. Laws four grain bourbon.

Leopold Bros., Denver, CO. Leopold Bros. Distillery makes a variety of spirits, including a corn-based American Whiskey, a Maryland style rye and a number of flavored whiskeys made from new make spirit. They are working on a Tennessee style whiskey.

Mystic Mountain Spirits, Larkspur, CO.  This distillery make a number of "moonshines" as well as Aces High Bourbon.

Peak Spirits, Hotchkiss, CO.  This distillery makes CapRock spirits and is working on Luna White Dog, a white whiskey made from a mash made by Wynkoop Brewery.

Peachstreet Distillers, Palisade, CO. Colorado Straight Bourbon.

Stranahan's (Proximo Spirits), Denver, CO. Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, a single malt.

Syntax Spirits, Greeley, CO. This distillery makes Class X White Dog, an unaged, peated whiskey made from malt and wheat, Class X White Cat, an unaged wheat whiskey, Class X Bourbon and Big Cat Whisky, a wheat whiskey.

Trail Town Distillery, Ridgeway, CO. This distillery makes a number of spirits including Coyote Light Whiskey, a whiskey made from a corn mash.

Two Guns Distillery, Leadville, CO.  This distillery plans to make Two Guns Wild West Whiskey and Single Six Rocky Mountain Moonshine. This distillery appears to have closed.

Wood's High Mountain Distillery, Salida, CO. This distillery makes Tenderfoot Whiskey, a malt whiskey.

Woodshed Distilling, Pagosa Springs, CO.  This distillery is working on Smoke Shine Whiskey.

Woody Creek Distillers, Basalt, CO.  This distillery makes vodka and is working on a rye and a four grain whiskey. They also make The Steward's Solera Bourbon, which appears to be a sourced bourbon.

Connecticut (Distilleries by State)

Elm City Distillery , Durham, CT. Maker of Nine Square Rye, an unaged rye whiskey.

Onyx Spirits Co., East Hartford, CT.  This company makes a number of moonshines and is planning on releasing an aged whiskey.  They are currently using sourced whiskey.

Delaware (Distilleries by State)

Delaware Distilling Co. , Rehoboth Beach, DE.  This bar/restaurant/distillery is planning to release Sussex Shine corn whiskey.

District of Columbia (Distilleries by State)

New Columbia Distillers, Washington, DC. This distillery currently makes gin but is planning a rye whiskey.

Florida (Distilleries by State)

Alchemist Distilleries, Miami, FL.  This distillery is working on a rye and a wheat whiskey.

Citrus Distillers, Riviera Beach, FL. This distillery is working on Canes & Grains Bourbon and corn whiskey.

Flagler Spirits, Palm Coast, FL. This Florida distillery makes corn whiskey, much of it sold to other bottlers.

Florida Farm Distillers, Umatilla, FL. This distillery makes Palm Ridge Reserve, which it describes as a "90 proof, young Florida Bourbon-style whiskey."

Peaden Brothers Distillery, Crestview, FL. This distillery plans to make Moonshine XXX Fox 382 Corn Whiskey, Blackwater River Rye, Otahite Reserve Rye and R.W. Ellis Ole 615 Bourbon.

Winter Park Distilling Co., Winter Park, FL. This distillery makes corn whiskey and is planning a bourbon under the Bear Gully Classic label.

Georgia (Distilleries by State)

Free Spirits Distillery , Dawsonville, GA. This distillery is working on Dawsonville Moonshine Corn Whiskey and Mitchum's ThundeRoad Corn Whiskey.

Georgia Distilling Co., Milledgeville, GA. This distillery in the exurbs of Atlanta opened in 2011. They make Goodtime Vodka, Goodtime Moonshine and Grandaddy Mims Whiskey and are planning on making Savannah 88 Bourbon and a rye.  They also make Phoenix Fire Whisky and Old Capitol Bourbon, which appear to be a sourced whiskeys.

Independent Distilling Co., Decatur, GA. This distillery is working on Hellbender Corn Whiskey.

Ivy Mountain Distillery, Mt. Airy, GA.  This distillery is working on aged and unaged versions of  Ivy Mountain Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey, a corn based whiskey and Lovell Bros. Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey.

Lazy Guy Distillery, Kennesaw, GA.  This distillery is working on Cold Heart Whiskey, Threesome Whiskey, Kennesaw Lightning Corn Whiskey and The General Corn Whiskey.

Moonrise Distillery, Clayton, GA. This distillery has plans for Corn Squeezins Georgia Corn Whiskey.

Thirteenth Colony Distilleries, Americus, GA. Makers of 13th Colony Southern Bourbon, Southern Rye and Southern Corn Whiskey, an aged corn whiskey.

Idaho (Distilleries by State)

8 Feathers Distillery , Boise, ID. This distillery is working on 8 Feathers Idaho Moonshine, corn whiskey and Smoked Moonshine, corn whiskeys.

Grand Teton Distillery, Driggs, ID.  Known for its potato vodka, this distillery is planning on releasing Colter's Run Bourbon.  It's not clear if this is a house distilled or sourced bourbon.

Illinois (Distilleries by State)

Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. , Galena, IL.  This distillery is making their own bourbon, rye, wheat and malt whiskey.  While that whiskey ages, they are releasing sourced whiskeys, including Lead Mine Moonshine, distilled by Flagler Spirits, and Knotter (i.e. "not our") Bourbon and Rye, distilled by MGP.

CH Distillery, Chicago, IL.  This distillery/pub offers unaged whiskey in their bar and is aging some as well. They also offer a sourced bourbon, likely from MGP.

Chicago Distilling Co., Chicago, IL.   This distillery opened in 2013 and is planning on making Shorty's White Whiskey, distilled from bourbon mash.

Copper Fiddle Distillery, Lake Zurich, IL.  This distillery plans to make a bourbon.

Copper Ridge Distillery, Danville, IL.  This distillery plans to make corn whiskey and other whiskeys.

Few Spirits, Evanston, IL. This distillery in the Chicago suburbs makes white whiskey, bourbon, single malt and rye.

Fox River Distilling Co., Geneva, IL.  Opened in 2014, this distillery is planning on making Rev. Mike's White Lightning Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

J.K. Williams Distilling, East Peoria, IL.  This distillery plans to make JK's Original Corn Whiskey, Young Buck Bourbon and JK's Bourbon Barrel Whiskey.

Koval Distillery, Chicago, IL. Initially, this Chicago distillery released whiskeys under the Lion's Pride label. Now, all of their whiskeys are under the Koval label.  They make a variety of different types of whiskey including bourbon, rye, millet, oat and four grain.

Mastermind Vodka, Pontoon Beach, IL. This vodka distiller is working on LPR Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

Northshore Distillery, Lake Bluff, IL. This distillery is working on a malt whiskey.

Quincy Street Distillery, Riverside, IL. This Chicago area distillery makes Water Tower White Lightning, an unaged corn whiskey. They are working on Bourbon Spring, a young bourbon which should be released soon, Salt Creek Corn Whiskey, and North American Steamship Rye, a malted rye, for this summer. They are also aging additional bourbons.

Southern Sisters Spirits a.k.a. Grand Rivers Spirits, Carbondale, IL. This distillery makes Red Eye Moonshine, a corn whiskey, Grand River Baby Whiskey and is working on Grand River Baby Bourbon.

Indiana (Distilleries by State)

Bear Wallow Distillery, Nashville, IN. This distillery makes Hidden Holler Moonshine, a corn whiskey, and is working on Liar's Bench Rye and Bear Trap Whiskey, a white whiskey.

Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, IN.  This distillery opened in 2014 and plans on making bourbon, rye and single malt whiskeys.

The Indiana Whiskey Co., South Bend, IN.  This distillery is working on Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey, a straight whiskey made with wheat and barley and a bourbon.

Midwest Grain Products Ingredients (MGPI), Lawrenceburg, IN. Formerly Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (LDI) and before that owned by the now dissolved Seagram's company, this large distillery near the Kentucky border makes bourbon, rye, corn, wheat and malt whiskeys as well as gin and neutral spirits. While they don't market any of their own whiskey, the distillery makes whiskey for a growing number of other labels including the following:

4 Spirits Bourbon (4 Spirits)
1888 Bourbon (Diversa Brands)
99 Bottles Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)
Angel's Envy Rye (Louisville Distilling Co.)
Backbone Bourbon (Crossroads Vitners/Strong Spirits)
Barrell Bourbon (selected bottlings) & Rye
Batch No. 12 Bourbon & Rye (Heritage Distilling)
Big Ass Bourbon (Strong Spirits)
Big Bottom Bourbon (Big Bottom)
Big House Bourbon (Underdog Spirits)
Big Y Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)
Bone Snapper Rye (Strong Spirits)
Breaker Bourbon (Ascendant Spirits)
Bulleit Rye (Diageo)
Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Reserve (Chattanooga Whiskey Co.)
Clarion Blended Whiskey (Distilled Spirits Epicenter)
Cleveland Rye Whiskey (Cleveland Whiskey)
Coney Island Carlo Bourbon (Terresentia)
Copper City Bourbon and Rye (Arizona Distilling Co.)
Corn Star Corn Whiskey (Bardstown Barrel Selections)
Cotton Hollow Rye (Cotton Hollow/Strong Spirits)
Cougar Bourbon & Rye (Foster's)
Filibuster Bourbon & Rye (M.S. Trading LP)
George Dickel Rye (George Dickel)
George Remus Bourbon & Rye (Queen City Whiskey/Strong Spirits)
Henderson Rye (North Texas Distillers)
High Liquors Bourbon & Rye (High Liquors)
High West (an an element of many of their whiskeys blends)
Homestead Bourbon (Homestead American whiskey)
Hooker's House (some of their bourbons and their rye; Prohibition Spirits)
J. Green Bourbon and Rye (Shadow Beverage Group)
James E. Pepper 1776 Rye (James E. Pepper/Strong Spirits)
Knotter Bourbon & Rye (Blaum Bros.)
LeMont Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)
Mosswood American Light Whiskey (Mosswood Distillers)
O.K.I. Bourbon (New Riff Distilling)
Prichard's Rye (Prichard's)
Redemption Bourbon & Rye (Bardstown Barrel Selections)
Riverboat Rye (Bardstown Barrel Selections)
Seagram's 7 Blended Whiskey (Diageo)
Single Track Rye (Range and River Distilling)
Smokin' Joe's Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon, Rye and Corn Whiskey (Smooth Ambler)
Smuggler's Notch Rye
Spring Mill Bourbon (Heartland Distillers)
Taos Lightning (KGB Spirits)
Temperance Trader (Bull Run Distilling)
Templeton Rye (Templeton)
Temptation Bourbon (Bardstown Barrel Selections)
The Saloon Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)
Tin Cup Whiskey (Proximo Spirits)
WH Harrison Bourbon (Tipton Spirits)
Willett Rye (Indiana ryes)
Winghart's Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Oakley Brothers Distillery,  Anderson, IN. This distillery is working on Indiana Moon Corn Whiskey.

Starlight Distillery (Huber's Orchards), Borden, IN.  This orchard/winery/distillery is working on a whiskey with an undisclosed mashbill.

Iowa (Distilleries by State)

Broadbent Distillery , Norwalk, IA. Makers of Two Jay's Iowa Corn Whiskey.

Cedar Ridge Distillery, Swisher, IA. This winery makes Iowa Bourbon, Reserve Bourbon, Griff's Cowboy Whiskey, Short's Whiskey, a wheat whiskey, a malt whiskey and a white whiskey.  They are aging a rye malt whiskey

Dehner Distillery, Clive, IA. This distillery is working on Red Boot Corn Whiskey and a whiskey and bourbon under the label Swell.

Iowa Distilling Co. (Dunkel Corp.), Cumming, IA. This distillery makes Iowa Shine corn whiskey and Country Gal corn whiskey.

Mississippi River Distilling Co., Le Claire, IA. This Iowa distillery makes Cody Road Bourbon, a wheated bourbon, Windmill Rye and is working on Farmer Brown Whiskey, a malt whiskey, McAlister Shotz Bourbon and 189 Reserve Bourbon.

 Werner Distilling, Hostein, IA.  This distillery is planning to make Holstein Bourbon.

Kansas (Distilleries by State)

Dark Horse Distillery, Lenexa, KS. This distillery makes  Long Shot White Whiskey (51% corn and 49% wheat), Reserve Bourbon (80% corn and 20% rye) and Reunion Rye Whiskey (100% rye).

High Plains Distillery, Atchison, KS. They make Most Wanted Kansas Bourbon and Wicked Spirits Light Whiskey; in the past, they have also made a single malt, a rye and a wheat whiskey, though I'm not sure if they are still making any of those.

Wheat State Distilling, Wichita, KS. This distillery is preparing to release a new make wheat whiskey, a corn whiskey, a rye, a triticale whiskey and a number of bourbons.

Kentucky (Distilleries by State)

Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. (Lyons Spirits) , Lexington, KY. This brewery makes a malt whiskey, Pearse Lyons Reserve, and Town Branch Bourbon and Rye.

Barrel House Distilling Co., Lexington, KY. This microdistillery is currently marketing vodka but has plans for whiskey under the labels Woodshed Whisky and Barrel House Bourbon.

Barton 1792 Distillery (Sazerac Co.), Bardstown, KY. Constellation Brands sold this Bardstown gem to Sazerac (owners of Buffalo Trace). Beloved for their Bourbon in Kentucky and for their rye in Wisconsin but little known outside those states, they are the makers of the following, some of which use the designation "Clear Spring Distilling Co." or "County Line Distillers":

1792 Ridgemont Reserve
Albertson's Bourbon
Bar Code Blended Whiskey (formerly owned by LeVecke)
Barton Blended Whiskey
Bentley's (Oak Park Distilling)
Big House Bourbon (Underdog Spirits)
Black Ridge
Bourbon Whiskey
Buck Horn
Chestnut Farms
Colonel Lee Bourbon and Blended Whiskey
Dierbergs (Oak Park Distilling)
Fleischmann's Rye and Blended Whiskey
Gran Legacy Blended Whiskey
Heritage Blended Whiskey
Imperial Blended Whiskey
Jeffers Creek
Jethro T. Boots
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
Military Special
Mr. Boston
Old Thompson Blended Whiskey
Royale Club Blended Whiskey
Samuel Grant
Sutton Club Blended Whiskey
Ten High
Tom Moore
Trader Joe's Bourbon
Two Stars
Very Old Barton
Walking Stick
War Eagle (previously Levecke)
Zachariah Harris

Brown Forman, Shively, KY. Brown Forman owns three distinct American whiskey distilleries (Shively, Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniel's). Their Shively, Kentucky plant makes Old Forester Bourbon and Early Times Bourbon and Kentucky Whiskey. They also made rye whiskey for Heaven Hill prior to 2010.

Buffalo Trace (Sazerac Co.), Frankfort, KY. Formerly known as the George T. Stagg Distillery (and popularly known as Ancient Age), the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky is one of the most loved by whiskey aficionados. Age International owns some of the brands (noted below) but Buffalo Trace distills, ages, bottles and sells them in the US.  The Van Winkle brand is managed as a joint venture between Buffalo Trace and the Van Winkle family.  Parent company Sazerac also owns the Barton 1792 distillery and the A. Smith Bowman Distillery.

Ancient Age (Age International)
Blanton's (Age International)
Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection
Eagle Rare
E.H. Taylor
Elmer T. Lee (Age International)
Firefly Moonshine (joint venture with Firefly Distillery in SC)
George T. Stagg
Hancock's Reserve (Age International)
Old Charter
Old Taylor (acquired from Jim Beam)
Rock Hill Farms (Age International)
Sazerac and Thomas H. Handy Rye
Single Oak Project
Stagg Jr.
Van Winkle and Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon and Rye
W.L. Weller

Corsair Distillery, Bowling Green, KY. This distillery has plans for Bourbon. So far, they are marketing Triple Smoke, a malt whiskey; Wry Moon Unaged Rye Whiskey; Rasputin, a hopped whiskey; an early version of James E. Pepper Bourbon, Graniac 9 Grain Bourbon, and they have plans for many other whiskeys including an oatmeal stout and a chocoalte mocha porter. They have a second distillery in Nashville, Tennessee.

Four Roses (Kirin), Lawrencburg, KY. Four Roses only recently began bringing their Bourbon back to the US. Aside from the Four Roses label, the distillery makes Bulleit Bourbon for Diageo.

Heaven Hill, Louisville, KY. The last family owned distillery in Kentucky, Heaven Hill is based in Bardstown, Kentucky but distills at the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville.  Their diverse brand portfolio includes Bourbon, rye, Kentucky's only straight wheat whiskey and nearly all of the (non micro) American corn whiskey brands. To make it more confusing. Prior to 2010, Heaven Hill's rye whiskeys were distilled at the Brown Forman Shively distillery.

1492 Bourbon
Blue State Bourbon (for 2012 election)
Cabin Still
Chapin & Gore
Colonel's Pride
Daniel Stewart
Distiller's Pride
Echo Spring
Elijah Craig
Evan Williams
Fighting Cock
Heaven Hill
Henry McKenna
Jim Porter
JTS Brown
JW Dant
Kentucky Beau
Kentucky Deluxe
Kentucky Gold
Kentucky Supreme
Mark Twin
Martin Mills (export only)
Mattingly & Moore
Mellow Bourbon
Old 1889
Old Fitzgerald
Old Whiskey River (Alive Spirits)
Parker's Heritage Collection
Pennypacker (export only for Borco)
Private Cellar
Quality House
Red State Bourbon (for the 2012 election)
Sam Clay
Tom Sims
TW Samuels
William Heavenhill
Yellow Rose of Texas

Pikesville Rye
Rittenhouse Rye
Stephen Foster Rye

Wheat Whiskey
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey

Corn Whiskey
Dixie Dew
Georgia Moon
JW Corn
Mellow Corn

Blended Whiskey
Aristocrat Supreme
Country Gentleman
Distiller's Pride
Haller's Reserve
JW Dant
Kentucky Beau
Kentucky Deluxe
Kentucky Gold
Kentucky Supreme
Mattingly & Moore
Old Mill
Old Mill Stream
Paul Jones
Private Cellar
Quality House
Sir Walter
TW Samuels

New Make

Jim Beam (Beam Suntory), Clermont & Boston, KY. Jim Beam is the biggest name in Bourbon. The brands made at their signature operation, with facilities in Clermont and Boston, Kentucky, include:

Basil Hayden
Bourbon de Luxe
Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey
Jim Beam Bourbons and Rye
Kessler Blended Whiskey
Kirkland Signature (for Costco)
Knob Creek
Old Bourbon Hollow
Old Crow
Old Grand-Dad
Old Overholt Rye
Old Tub
(rī)¹ (Rye One)

Limestone Branch Distillery, Lebanon, KY. Operated by members of the Beam family and opened in 2011, this distillery makes T.J. Pottinger Corn Whiskey as well as a number of moonshines and is working on a bourbon.

Maker's Mark (Beam Suntory.), Loretto, KY. Simplicity reigns at this Jim Beam owned distillery. It makes Maker's Mark and Maker's 46.

MB Roland Distillery, Pembroke, KY. A microdistillery which makes White Dog and Black Dog brand corn whiskeys and is working on MBR Bourbon.

New Riff Distilling, Newport, KY.  Founded by the former owners of The Party Source liquor store, this distillery has plans to make bourbon and rye and is currently selling a sourced bourbon, O.K.I. Bourbon, distilled by MGP.

Old Pogue Distillery, Maysville, KY. The original Old Pogue Distillery closed in the 1940s and the brand survived for years as an independent bottler. In 2012, the Pogue family opened a new distillery in Maysville where they make Limestone Landing Rye and Five Fathers Rye.

Paducah Distilled Spirits, Paducah, KY. Maker of Uncle Mosey's Moonshine Corn Whiskey, containing corn and sugar.

Whiskey Thief Distilling Co., Frankfort, KY.  This distillery is working on a bourbon and a rye whiskey which they are currently aging.

Wild Turkey (Campari Group), Lawrenceburg, KY. Drinks giant Pernod Ricard recently sold this venerable brand to Italy's Campari. Most of the Bourbons and rye whiskeys made at this Lawrenceburg distillery carry the Wild Turkey name, though they have recently begun to market Russell's Reserve as a separate brand.  They also make Duke Bourbon.

Wilderness Trace Distillery, Danville, KY.   This distillery opened in 2013 and will be making vodka and a sorghum spirit and will be aging a wheated bourbon and rye.

Willett Distillery (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers), Bardstown, KY. For years the independent bottler Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) had talked about refurbishing the old Willett Distillery that they owned. In 2012, they finally finished and started distilling. 

Woodford Reserve/Labrot & Graham (Brown Forman), Versailles, KY. Brown Forman's second Kentucky distillery makes Bourbons marketed under the Woodford Reserve brand.  The regular Woodford Reserve labels (Distiller's Select and Double Oaked) are blends of bourbon made at Woodford and the Brown Forman Distillery, while the annually released Woodford Reserve Master's Collection is made entirely at the Woodford Reserve.

Louisiana (Distilleries by State)

Atelier Vie, New Orleans, LA.  This distillery makes Riz, a 100% rice whiskey.

Maine (Distilleries by State)

In'finity Fermentation & Distillation, Portland, ME.  This brewpub is working on Old Port White Oak Whiskey.

Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, ME.  This distillery is planning to make Fifty Stone Single Malt.

New England Distilling, Portland, ME. This distillery currently produces a gin and a rum and is planning to release Gunpowder Rye.

Wiggly Bridge Distillery, York, ME. This distillery plans to release a Wiggly Bridge Whisky, of unknown composition, and is working on a bourbon.

Maryland (Distilleries by State)

Lyon Distilling Co. , St. Michaels, MD. This distillery makes Maryland Free State Rye.

Twin Valley Distillers, Rockville, MD. Opened in 2014, this Montgomery County distillery is planning to make Potomac Corn Whiskey and Ashton Rye Whiskey.

Massachusetts  (Distilleries by State)

Berkshire Mountain Distillers,Great Barrington, MA. This distillery makes numerous spirits including Berkshire Bourbon, a triple distilled Bourbon, and New England Corn Whiskey.

Bully Boy Distillery, Boston, MA. This distillery makes a white whiskey and an aged wheat whiskey.

Copper Moon Distillery, Springfield, MA.  Associated with the Lazy Valley Winery, this distillery is working on a moonshine and a bourbon.

Damnation Alley Distillery, Belmont, MA. This distillery is working on wheat, rye and malt whiskeys.

GrandTen Distilling, Boston, MA.  This distillery is working on GTD 383 Whiskey.

McMillan Distillery, Worcester, MA. This distillery is planning on making 130 Bourbon.

Nashoba Distillery, Boston, MA. This winery turned distillery makes Stimulus single malt whiskey.

Ryan & Wood Distillery, Gloucester, MA. This distillery started releasing a straight rye whiskey in 2011.  They are planning on wheat and malt whiskeys as well.

Triple Eight Distillery, Nantucket, MA. Notch (i.e., Not Scotch) single malt. They previously made Nor'Easter Bourbon, a sourced bourbon which they aged in Massachusetts.

Michigan  (Distilleries by State)

Big Cedar Distilling , Sturgis, MI.  This distillery makes Big Cedar Bourbon.

Cellar Brewing Co., Sparta, MI.  This brewery/distillery is planning to make Sole Cry Rye Whiskey.

Coppercraft Distillery/Circus Procession LLC, Holland MI.  This distillery is working on a corn whiskey, a rye whiskey, a rye malt whiskey, a malt whiskey, a wheat whiskey and a bourbon.

Detroit City Distillery/The Spirits of Detroit, Detroit, MI.  This distillery is working on a sourced bourbon, Two Faced Blended Bourbon (a blend of Ketucky bourbon and their own distillate) and Bloodline Whiskey.

Grand Traverse Distillery, Traverse City, MI. This microdistillery makes Ole' George Straight Rye Whiskey and a bourbon.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co., Birmingham, MI.  This brewery/distillery opened in 2013 and is working on a light whiskey, a rye whiskey, a wheat whiskey, a millet whiskey, a single malt, a spelt whiskey, and a bourbon. 

Journeyman Distillery, Three Oaks, MI. This organic distillery makes WR Whiskey, a white rye whiskey, Ravenswood Rye, the first batch of which was made at Koval in Chicago with successive batches being made at the Michigan distillery. They are also working on Silver Cross Whiskey, a four grain whiskey, Featherbone Bourbon, Flat Landers Bourbon, Buggy Whip Wheat Whiskey, Three Oaks Single Malt Whiskey, W.R. Whiskey and Corsets, Whips and Whiskey Wheat Whiskey.

Mission Microdistillery (Nothern United Brewing Co.), Traverse City, MI. This distillery is working on a number of whiskeys under the Civilized Spirits label, including a bourbon. It's not clear if they will be sourced or distilled on site.

New Holland Brewing Co., Holland, MI. This micro makes Zepplin Bend Straight Malt Whiskey, Walleye Rye, Malthouse Brewers Whiskey (made from malted barley, smoked barley and rye), Double Down Barley Whiskey, Bill's Wheat Whiskey, Charkoota Rye and Black River Bourbon.

Red Cedar Spirits/Uncle John's Fruit House Winery, East Lansing, MI.  This distiller is a project of a winery and Michigan State University.  The distillery makes rye and has plans for bourbon, wheat, malt and corn whiskeys under the Briess label.

Round Barn Distillery (Entente Spirits), Baroda, MI.  This winery makes DiVine Bourbon, a sourced bourbon, and appears to be working on its own bourbon.

Two James Spirits, Detroit, MI.  This distillery is planning to release Grass Widow Bourbon, a sourced bourbon, and is planning a rye and a malt whiskey and Corktown Bourbon.

Minnesota (Distilleries by State)

11 Wells Spirits Co. , St. Paul, MN. This distillery makes Minnesota 13 Whiskey, a corn based whiskey and is working on bourbon, rye and malt whiskey.

Far North Spirits, Hallock, MN. This distillery is working on Roknar Rye Whiskey.

Loon Liquors, Northfield, MN.  This distillery is working on Loonshine, an unaged whiskey made from wheat and barley.

Norseman Distillery, Minneapolis, MN.  This distillery makes a number of spirits and is working on a rye whiskey and Born on Parris Island (BOPI) whiskey, which may be sourced from elsewhere.

Panther Distillery, Osakis, MN. This distillery, opened in July 2012, plans to release an unaged whiskey, White Water Whiskey, Minnesota 14 Whiskey, made from a bourbon mash, Pike Street Bourbon, and a rye.

Vikre Distillery, Duluth, MN.  This distillery is planning on making Gunflint Bourbon, Temperance River Rye and Iron Range Single Malt.

Mississippi (Distilleries by State)

Cathead Distillery (Bottletree Beverage Co.) , Madison, MS. This distillery is making a barley based whiskey. They are planning to release Jackson's Mississippi Moonshine, a corn whiskey, and an aged whiskey.

Missouri (Distilleries by State)

Copper Run Distillery , Walnut Shade, MO. This Ozark distillery located near Branson, Missouri makes rum, vodka and Ozark Mountain Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Crown Valley Distillery, Ste. Genevieve, MO.  This brewery/winery/distillery makes Missouri Moonshine malt whiskey.

Mad Buffalo Distillery, Union, MO. This distillery, which also grows their own grain on nearby Shawnee Bend Farms, is planning to make bourbon, corn whiskey and a moonshine under the Thunderbeast label.

Mid-Best Distillery, Gravois Mills, MO.  This distillery is working on Mid-Best Moonshine Whiskey, a corn whiskey.

Of the Earth Farm Distillery, Rayville, MO.  This distillery makes eau de vie and is planning to release Ray County Rye.

Ozark Distillery, Osage Beach, MO.  This distillery is working on Ozark Distillery Moonshine Corn Whiskey and a bourbon.

Pinckney Bend Distilling Co., New Haven, MO. This distillery is planning on releasing BootDaddy Moonshine, a corn whiskey and Rested American Whiskey, a six month old whiskey.

Square One Distillery, St. Louis, MO. This brewery/distillery makes Blue Wing Rye and a number of spirits under its Spirits of St. Louis brand including JJ Neukomm Whiskey, a malt whiskey.

Still 630, St. Louis, MO. This distillery plans to make Big Jake White Dog Whiskey, Rally Point Rye and Barrel Master Whiskey.

T's Redneck Distillery, Lebanon, MO.  This distillery was started by T's Redneck Steak House and makes T's Redneck Moonshine corn whiskey.

Wood Hat Spirits,  New Florence, MO. This distillery is working on a blue corn whiskey, RubensQue Bourbon and Montgomery County Bourbon.

Montana (Distilleries by State)

Big Sky Distillery/Bozeman Spirits, Bozeman, MT.  This company is preparing to release 1889 Whiskey, which appears to be a sourced whiskey.

Glacier Distilling Co., Coram, MT. This Montana distillery makes Glacier Dew, a light whiskey made from a mash of barley, corn and rye; North Fork Flood Stage Whiskey, a whiskey made from barley, corn and rye; Badrock Rye; and Wheatfish Whiskey made from Wheatfish Beer, using a wheat/barley mash. They are also working on Belton Point Bourbon, Badfish Whiskey and Smoking Gun Whiskey.

Headframe Spirits, Butte, MT. This distillery opened in March 2012 and has put out Neversweat Bourbon, a sourced bourbon, Bobcat Gold Bourbon and Destroying Angel Whiskey, which may also be sourced whiskeys.

Montgomery Distillery, Missoula, MT.  They are planning on making bourbon, single malt and rye whiskeys.

Roughstock Distillery, Bozeman, MT. This distillery makes Roughstock Montana Malt Whiskey, Spring Wheat Whiskey, Sweet Corn Whiskey, Straight Rye and Straight Montana Bourbon.

Steel Toe Distillery, Potomac, MT.  Makers of Uncle Carl's Prohibition Whiskey, a sugar based "whiskey". 

Trailhead Spirits, Billings, MT.  This distillery opened in January 2013.  They are making vodka and gin and are also planning to make a 100% straight rye for release in 2016 as well as a bourbon.

Whistling Andy Inc., Bigfork, MT. This microdistillery makes Harvest Select, a four grain whiskey and Whistling Andy Bourbon.

 Wildrye Distilling, Bozeman, MT. This distillery makes Five Drops Bourbon.

Willie's Distillery, Ennis, MT.  This distillery is planning on making Bighorn Bourbon, Nodding Donkey and Willie's Private Reserve, sourced bourbons, and a sourced rye, Tobacco Roots Mountain Rye. 

Nebraska (Distilleries by State)

Borgata Distillery , Omaha, NE.  This brewery/distillery opened in 2013 and plans to make a whiskey.

Cut Spike Distillery, La Vista, NE. Formerly the Sòlas Distillery, this distillery is a spin-off of the Lucky Bucket Brewery and makes Cut Spike single malt whiskey.

Nevada (Distilleries by State)

Las Vegas Distillery , Las Vegas, NV. This is a new distillery with plans for a number of whiskeys, including Nevada 150 Bourbon, a wheat, rye, four grain, malt and oat whiskey as well as Nevada Shine Corn Whiskey.

Seven Troughs Distilling, Sparks, NV.  This distillery makes Recession Proof Moonshine, unaged whiskey distilled from a bourbon mash.

New Hampshire

Djinn Spirits, Nashua, NH.  This distillery is planning to make Beat 3 Whiskey, an unaged whiskey.

Sea Hagg Distillery, North Hampton, NH. This distillery is working on a malt whiskey and a poitin (Irish style white whiskey).

Smoky Quartz Distillery, Seabrook, NH. This distillery is working on Granite Lightning Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

New Jersey (Distilleries by State)

Cooper River Distillers, Camden, NJ.  This distillery opened in 2013 and plans to make whiskey.

Jersey Artisan Distilling, Fairfield, NJ. This distillery is planning to make Busted Barrel Bourbon and whiskey for release in 2015.

New Mexico (Distilleries by State)

Algodones Distillery , Algodones, NM. This distillery is working on Luna Blue Corn Whiskey.

Don Quixote Distillery, Los Alamos, NM. This distillery makes Blue Corn Bourbon, a wheated blue corn bourbon.

KGB Spirits, Alcalde, NM. This distillery makes vodka and gin, but they also market sourced bourbon and rye under the Taos Lightening label, likely from MGP.

Little Toad Creek Ditillery, Mimbres, NM.  This distillery, connected to a brewery and lodge, is working on a white whiskey.

Santa Fe Spirits, Santa Fe, NM. This distillery makes Silver Coyote Western Whiskey, an unaged malt whiskey, and is working on Glenkeegan and Colkegan Single Malt Whiskeys.

New York  (Distilleries by State)

Adirondack Distilling Co., Utica, NY.  This distillery is working on 1,000 Stills White Whisky, a corn whiskey and 601 Bourbon.

Albany Distilling Co., Albany, NY. This distillery began distilling in 2012 and is planning to release some new make whiskeys, including Half Moon New Make Whiskey, a whiskey made from a bourbon mash and Coal Yard New Make, a whiskey distilled from rye mash. They are also planning on a bourbon, rye and corn whiskey under the Ironweed label.

Baron Nahmias, Yonkers, NY. This distillery makes Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey, an unaged rye. They are working on a wheat, spelt and corn whiskey, also under the Legs Diamond label.

Black Button Distilling, Rochester, NY. This distillery is making an unaged corn whiskey and is working on a bourbon.

Black Dirt Distilling Co./Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery, Warwick & Pine Island, NY. The Warwick Winery is opening the Black Dirt Distilling Co. in Pine Island, NY. They plan to release Black Dirt Bourbon, a three year old bourbon distilled at Warwick and then to distill bourbon on site in Pine Island.

Boroughkraft Brooklyn Craft Distillery, Brooklyn, NY. This distillery is working on J.W. Overbey White Hound, a corn whiskey.

Breuckelen Distilling, Brooklyn, NY. This Brooklyn distillery makes wheat and rye under the label 77 Whiskey.

Buffalo Distilling Co. (aka BFLO Distilling), Alden, NY. This distillery is planning on marketing One Foot Cock Bourbon.

Cacao Prieto/ Widow Jane Distillery, Brooklyn, NY. This chocolate producer and distillery bottles Widow Jane Kentucky Bourbon (sourced) and makes Bloody Butcher Bourbon and Widow Jane Rye Whiskey; early versions appear to have been sourced, but more recent versions seem to have been distilled on site. They are working on a Widow Jane Bourbon as well.

Catskill Distilling Co., Bethel, NY. This distillery makes a vodka and is working on Fearless Wheat Whiskey, Most Righteous Bourbon and Defiant Rye.

Clayton Distillery, Clayton, NY. This distillery is planning on making a bourbon and Two Dog Moonshine corn whiskey.

Cooperstown Distillery, Cooperstown, NY.   This company is aging some of its own whiskey but currently sells Beanball Bourbon, a six year old sourced bourbon distilled by George Dickel.

Coppersea Distilling, West Park, NY. This Ulster County, New York distillery is planning on making New York Raw Rye, bourbon, corn whiskey and rye malt whiskey. It's not clear if they will be distilling or using another distillery.

Delaware Phoenix Distillery, Walton, NY. This upstate New York distillery makes an unaged rye known as Rye Dog as well as an aged rye and a bourbon.

Finger Lakes Distilling, Burdett, NY. This upstate New York microdistillery is currently marketing Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey, White Pike Whiskey and McKenzie Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys.

Five & 20 Spirits (Mazza Vineyards), Westfield, NY. This distillery was formed by Mazza winery and is planning to release a corn whiskey, an unaged rye, an aged rye and a bourbon.  

Glenrose Spirits, North Rose, NY.  This distillery is working on Wild Jim's Old Saloon Malt Whiskey.

Hidden Marsh Distillery, Seneca Falls, NY. Affiliated with Montezuma Winery, this distillery released an unaged corn whiskey called Judd's Wrecking Ball and is planning Judd's Duck Blind Shine, an unaged wheat whiskey, Lone Logger's Bourbon, Railroad Rye and Steamboat Wheat Whiskey.

Hillrock Estate Distillery, Ancram, NY. This distillery has plans for a malt whiskey, a rye and a bourbon.  It currently makes a "solera aged" bourbon that uses a sourced whiskey.

Hudson Valley Distillers, Germantown, NY. This distillery is working on Chancellor's Clear Mountain Whiskey and Chancellors Raw Bourbon Whisky (aged one day).

Iron Smoke Distillery, Seneca Falls, NY. This distillery plans to release an apple wood smoked whiskey and a bourbon.

Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2010, this New York City distillery is making a corn whiskey moonshine, a rye and a bourbon.

Lake George Distilling Co., Fort Ann, NY.   This distillery is working on two corn whiskeys: 32 Mile Moonshine and Indian Kettles Smoked Corn Whiskey and a rye, Red Rock Rye.

Lockhouse Distillery, Buffalo, NY. This distillery is making vodka and plans to make whiskey as well.

Long Island Spirits, Baiting Hollow, NY. Established in 2007, this distillery makes Pine Barrens Single Malt and is working on Rough Rider Bourbon and Rye, which may be sourced .

Myer Farm Distillers, Ovid, NY. Makers of Myer Farm White Dog Corn Whiskey and working on John Myer Wheat Whiskey, Bourbon, Four Grain Whiskey and rye.

Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY. This distillery is working on Bootlegger 21 Bourbon and Double Eagle 33 Bourbon.

StillTheOne Distillery, Port Chester, NY.  This maker of honey vodka is planning on making a Westchester Wheat Whiskey, a sourced bourbon under the label Millbrook Distillery, 287 Single Malt whiskey and Taconic Bourbon, which may also be a sourced whiskey.

Tirado Distillery, Bronx, NY. This distillery makes rum and is working on Tirado Gold Corn Whiskey.

Tuthilltown, Gardiner, NY. Hudson Baby Bourbon, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, Hundson Manhattan Rye, Hudson Single Malt and Hudson Corn Whiskey. Their line of whiskeys is owned by the Scottish William Grant & Sons.

Van Brunt Stillhouse, Brooklyn, NY. This distillery opened in April 2012. They are planning on releasing a four grain new make, a malt whiskey, a rye whiskey and a four grain whiskey and a moonshine under the label Stillhouse Whiskey as well as Maiyet American Whiskey.

North Carolina (Distilleries by State)

Blue Ridge Distilling Co., Bostic, NC.  This distillery is working on Defiant American Single Malt Whisky.

Broadslab Distillery, Benson, NC. This distillery makes Broadslab Legacy Reserve Corn Whiskey.

Diablo Distilleries, Jacksonville, NC.  Founded in 2012, this distillery is planning to make Hell Hound Shine Corn Whiskey.

Foothills Distillery/Copperhead Craft Spirits, Conover, NC.  This distillery is working on Copperhead White Venom Moonshine, a whiskey distilled from corn, barley and rye.

Mayberry Spirits, Mount Airy, NC.  This distillery plans to make Really Fine Drink Corn Whiskey.

Mother Earth Brewing, Kinston, NC. This brewery is working on Mother Earth Whiskey.

Southern Artisan Spirits, Kings Mountain, NC. This distillery makes gin and has plans for Butcher Whiskey, a three grain whiskey made from rye, corn and barley.

Top of the Hill Distillery (aka Topo Distillery), Chapel Hill, NC. This distillery, opened by a North Carolina brewpub, is planning to make Topo Carolina Whiskey, a wheat whiskey.

Troy & Sons Distillers/Asheville Distilling Co., Asheville, NC. This distillery makes a corn whiskey labeled as Moonshine and is working on Blonde Whiskey a corn/wheat recipe whiskey.

North Dakota (Distilleries by State)

Jeff Taylor Distillery , Burlington, ND. A project of the Pointe of View Winery, this distillery is working on a corn whiskey.

Ohio  (Distilleries by State)

Belle of Dayton/Five Points Distillery , Dayton, OH. This distillery is working on a bourbon mash whiskey, a bourbon and a single malt.

Dancing Tree Distillery, Shade, OH. This distillery currently makes vodka, gin and other spirits.  They are currently aging bourbon which they plan to release in 2014.

Ernest Scarano Distillery, Gibsonburg, OH. This distillery is aging rye for its Old Homicide straight rye whiskey, which it hopes to release in 2014. It also plans to release and unaged rye, Whiskey Dick and Widmer Rye, which may be a sourced product.

Flat Rock Spirits, Fairborn, OH. This distillery makes Stillwrights Bourbon.

Indian Creek Distillery (Staley Mill Farm & Distillery), New Carlisle, OH. This distillery makes Staley Rye Whiskey, an unaged rye.

John McCulloch Distillery, Martinsville, OH. This distillery makes Green River Whiskey.

Middle West Spirits, Columbus, OH. This micro distillery mostly focuses on vodka but makes small batches of OYO (O-Why-O) Whiskey, a wheat whiskey and a rye. They are also planning to release a wheated bourbon.

Mill Street Distillery, Utica, OH.  This distillery makes Mill Street Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Old Grizzly Spirits/Oak & Glory, Oregonia, OH. This distillery plans to release Fire Roasted Corn Bourbon in 2014.

Red Eagle Distillery, Geneva, OH. This distillery is working on a merlot finished bourbon for release in April, 2013.

Seven Brothers Distilling Co., Painesville, OH.  This distillery is working on corn whiskey and a wheat whiskey. 

Straitsville Special, New Straitsville, OH. This distillery is planning on making a corn whiskey.

Tom's Foolery, Chagrin Falls, OH. This maker of applejack is making bourbon and rye, some of  which will appear under the Hebruck label.

Watershed Distillery, Columbus, OH. This distillery makes vodka and gin and is aging a wheated bourbon that it hopes to have ready in 2013.

Woodstone Creek Distillery, Cincinnati, OH. A winery recently turned distillery, Woodstone Creek makes a Bourbon, a malt whiskey and a blended whiskey. 

Oklahoma (Distilleries by State)

Scissortail Distillery, Moore, OK.  This distillery is working on Scissortail Bourbon, Wild West  Whiskey, a rye, and Rebud Rye.

Twister Distillery, Moore, OK.  This distillery is working on Bison Bourbon.

Oregon  (Distilleries by State)

Bendistillery, Bend, Or.  This distillery is working on Crater Lake Rye Whiskey, likely distilled by MGPI.

Bull Run Distilling Co., Portland, OR. This large volume microdistillery hopes to make a straight malt whiskey for release in 2013 and is aging a rye whiskey. For now, they are bottling sourced whiskey (see below).

Cascade Alchemy, Bend OR. This distillery makes Barley Shine Whiskey, a whiskey distilled from malt mash.

Cascade Peak Spirits, Ashland, OR. This organic vodka distillery has released Cascade Peak Rye, Oldfield Rye and is also working on Bourbon and corn whiskey.

Clear Creek Distillery (Hood River Distillers), Portland, OR. McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt. In 2014, it was purchased by Hood River Distillers.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (CPR) Distillery (McMenamins), Hillsboro, OR.  Opened in 2012 by the same group that owns the Edgefiled Distillery, this distillery makes White Owl Whiskey, a wheat whiskey.

Edgefield Distillery (McMenamins), Troutdale, OR. Hogshead single malt and a number of small release whiskeys under the Devil's Bit label.

House Spirits, Portland, OR. In late 2009, this microdistillery released its first malt whiskeys: an unaged whiskey and two three year olds, one at 45% abv and a barrel strength version at 60% abv. They now have a malt under the label Westward.

Industrial Row Distillery, Portland, OR.  This distillery plans to make both aged and unaged whiskey.  They have not yet determined the mashbill.

New Deal Distillery, Portland, OR. This distillery is working on a number of whiskeys, including Bootstrap Whiskey and a bourbon.

North Coast Distilling, Astoria, OR. This distillery is planning on making Barrelman Bourbon, Swill Street Whiskey, Uncle Scary's Moonshine and Bottom of the Well Whiskey.

Oregon Spirit Distillers, Bend, OR. Makers of CW Irwin Bourbon, Buff's Corn Whiskey, Rook's Rye,  and Woody's Wheat Whiskey.

Ransom Spirits, Sheridan, OR. This winery/distillery makes a number of spirits including Whipper Snapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey, Henry DuYore's bourbon and rye, and Ransom Emerald 1865 Whiskey, an Irish style whiskey made with rye, barley and oats.

Rogue Spirits, Portland, OR. The popular brewery makes Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey, a four grain whiskey and Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Whiskey.

Rolling River Spirits, Portland, OR. This distillery is working on a whiskey of indeterminate mashbill.

Stein Distillery, Joseph, OR. Makers of Stein Bourbon and Rye. They have also distilled whiskey for CVI's Black Maple Hill brand.

Stillwagon Distillery, Coos Bay, OR.  This distillery is working on a single malt and a bourbon.

Stone Barn Brandyworks, Portland, OR. This distillery primarily features brandy and liqueurs but also makes "unoaked" rye and oat whiskeys under the label Hard Eight and a number of aged whiskeys under the label Hoppin' Eights.  They are also working on spelt and oat whiskeys under the Stone Barn label.

Tualatin Valley Distilling, Hillsboro, OR.  This distillery is working on a single malt and a blend of single malt and rye malt.

Vinn Distillery (Tanoshii Inc.), Wilsonville, OR.  This producer of rice based spirits is working on a 100% rice whiskey.  

Pennsylvania (Distilleries by State)

CJ Spirits, Kane, PA. This distillery is working on Graveyard Sam's White Whiskey.

Hewn Spiris, Pipersville, PA. This distillery makes New Moon Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Manatawny Still Works, Pottstown, PA.  This distillery plans to open in February 2014 and make Virgin Whiskey, a white whiskey, Pennsylvania Whiskey and J. Potts Whiskey.

Mountain Laurel Spirits, Bristol, PA. This distillery makes rye whiskeys under the label Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey.

Mountain Top Distillery, Williamsport, PA.  This distillery makes corn whiskey under the labels  Bucked Off Shine, Rode Hard Shine and Bareback Shine.

Philadelphia Distilling, Philadelphia, PA. This distillery makes an unaged corn based whiskey labeled XXX Shine White Whiskey which it began releasing in spring 2011.

Pittsburgh Distilling Co., Pittsburgh, PA. This craft distillery opened in 2011 and makes rye, malt and wheat whiskeys under the label Wigle Whiskey.

Thistle Finch Distilling, Lancaster, PA. This distillery is working on White Caraway Rye and White Rye, unaged rye whiskeys.

Rhode Island (Distilleries by State)

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. , South Kingstown, RI. This distillery makes Uprising Whiskey, a whiskey distilled from stout, the 1765 Collection, a malt whiskey and Battle single malt.

South Carolina (Distilleries by State)

Dark Corner Distillery,Greenville, SC. This distillery makes Dark Corner Moonshine, an unaged corn whiskey, Stumphouse Red Wheat Whiskey and Lewis Redmond Bourbon as well as some flavored moonshines and other spirits. They are also working on Journeyman Reserve Rye.

Dark Water Distillery, Camden, SC.  This distillery makes a Moonshine corn whiskey and is planning to release King Haigler Bourbon in the summer of 2014 and Devil's Elbow Whiskey which may be sourced.

Firefly Distillery,  Charleston, SC. This distillery, affiliated with Irvin House Vineyards, makes a number of spirits and has a joint venture with Buffalo Trace to market Firefly Moonshine.

High Wire Distilling, Charleston, SC. This distillery is working on Sorghum Shine Whiskey, an unaged sorghum whiskey, Quarter Acre Sorghum Whiskey and a bourbon.

Palmetto Moonshine (Southern Estates Investments), Anderson, SC.  Makers of Palmetto Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Six & Twenty Distillery, Powdersville, SC. Founded in 2012, this distillery is working on a Six & Twenty Whiksey, a vatting of wheat whiskey and Kentucky bourbon.

Straw Hat Distillery, Timmonsville, SC.  This distillery is working on a moonshine corn whiskey.

Striped Pig Distillery, Charleston, SC.  This distillery is working on a vodka, a rum and Striped Shine, a corn whiskey.

South Dakota (Distilleries by State)

Dakota Spirits Distillery , Pierre, SD. This distillery makes Coyote 100 Light Whiskey and Bickering Brothers Blended Whiskey.

Tennessee (Distilleries by State)

Collier and McKeel , Nashville, TN. This company distills a Tenneessee Whiskey (using the Lincoln County process) and a white dog whiskey at the Corsair Distillery in Nashville.

Corsair Distillery, Nashville, TN. This distillery has plans for Bourbon. So far, they are marketing Triple Smoke, a malt whiskey; Wry Moon Unaged Rye Whiskey; Rasputin, a hopped whiskey; and they have plans for many other whiskeys including an oatmeal stout and a chocoalte mocha porter. This is their second distillery, the first is in Bowling Green, KY.

George Dickel (Diageo), Cascade Hollow, Tullahoma, TN. The other Tennessee Whiskey, owned by liquor giant Diageo. Aside from Tennessee Whiskey, they make an unaged corn whiskey and a rye distilled at MGP in Indiana.

Jack Daniel's (Brown Forman), Lynchburg, TN. Makers of the world's top selling whiskey, Jack Daniels is, for much of the world, the first and last name in whiskey, not to mention t-shirts, barbecue sauce and other trinkets. They also make a rye whiskey under the Jack Daniel's label.

Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery, Nashville, TN. Named after a historic Tennessee distillery, this distillery bottles Belle Meade Bourbon, a sourced bourbon and are working on Tennessee Eagle, a Tennessee Bourbon. They also are planing to release a Tennessee White Whiskey that they distilled themselves.

Ole Smoky Distillery, Gatlinburg, TN. This East Tennessee distillery, which opened in July 2010, makes unaged "moonshine" under the label Ole Smoky Moonshine, including corn whiskey and a number of flavored whiskeys. It appears they may be sourcing whiskey for these bottlings.

Popcorn Sutton Distilling (J&M Concepts), Nashville, TN.  This company makes Popcorn Sutton's Tennessee White Whiskey, an unaged whiskey. It was originally distilled at Corsair in Nashville.  They now appear to be distilling their own whiskey.

Prichard's Distillery, Kelso, TN. This Tennessee microdistillery makes a single malt Lincoln County Lightning, a corn whiskey.   They also market a number of sourced whiskeys, including Tennessee whiskey, Tennessee malt, bourbon and an MGP rye.

Tenn South Distillery, Lynnville, TN. This distillery is aging their Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey.

Texas (Distilleries by State)

Balcones Distillery , Waco, TX. This distillery released the first run of their Baby Blue blue corn whiskey in September 2009. They also make Brimstone Corn Whiskey, a smoky corn whiskey, a malt whiskey and a bourbon.

Barkman Spirits, College Station, TX.   They are working on Rio Brazos Whistlestop Texas Whiskey, a corn whiskey, and also plan on making a bourbon.

Big Thicket Distilling Co., Conroe, TX. This Houston area distillery opened in 2014 and is working on Boom Town Whiskey.

Bone Spirits, Smithville, TX. This distillery makes Fitch's Goat Corn Whiskey and Moonshine.

Dallas Distilleries Inc., Garland Texas.  This distillery is working on Herman Marshall Bourbon and Rye.

Dorcol Distilling Co., San Antonio, TX.  This distillery is working on Kinsman Texas White Whiskey, a malt whiskey.

Double Wide Distillery, Red Rock, TX.   This distillery is working on a corn whiskey.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. (aka F&R), Fort Worth, TX. This distillery is working on a bourbon but has so far released a sourced blended whiskey under the label TX Whiskey.

Five Points Distilling, Forney, TX.  This distillery is working on Lone Elm Wheat Whiskey.

Garrison Brothers Distillery, Hye, TX. Garrison Brothers Distillery makes Garrison Brothers Bourbon.

Ironroot Republic Distilling/Likarish Enterprises,  Denison, TX. This distillery is working on Carpenter's Bluff Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

Kiepersol Enterprises, Tyler, TX. This distillery makes Jimmy's Texas Bourbon.

Loblolly Spirits, Red Rock, TX. This distillery is working on a corn whiskey.

Quentin D. Witherspoon Distillery, Lewisville, TX.  This distillery makes rum and Cross Timbers Texas Malt Whiskey.  They also make bourbon which appears to be sourced from elsewhere.

Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, San Antonio, TX. This distillery makes Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon, .44 Texas Rye and Rimfire Single Malt. 

Rebecca Creek Distillery, San Antonio, TX. This distillery is currently making a vodka and a sourced spirit whiskey (Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey) and plans to release a malt whiskey.

Yellow Rose Distilling, Pinehurst, TX. Located just north of Houston, this distillery is working on Outlaw Bourbon, made from a 100% corn mash, and a single malt.

Utah (Distilleries by State)

Beehive Distilling , Salt Lake City, UT.  This distillery plans to make Bishop's Wheat Whiskey, an unaged whiskey.

High West Distillery, Park City, UT. This Utah distillery both distills and sources whiskey.  So far, they have released unaged versions of their own whiskeys under the High West Silver label: an oat whiskey, a malt whiskey and their OMG Pure Rye.  They have also released Valley Tan an aged oat whiskey.  They have released a number of sourced and blended whiskeys which have included the following:

12 year old  Rye (LDI)
American Prairie Reserve Bourbon (a blend of Four Roses and LDI bourbons)
Bourye (Four Roses bourbon blended with Barton and LDI ryes) 
Campfire (a blend of LDI bourbon, LDI rye and peated Scotch)
Double Rye (a blend of Barton and LDI ryes)
Rendezvous Rye (a blend of Barton and LDI ryes)
Rocky Mountain Rye 16 (Barton)
Rocky Mountain Rye 21 (Barton)
Son of Bourye (Four Roses bourbon blended with LDI rye)

Vermont (Distilleries by State)

American Crafted Spirits/Silo Distillery , Windsor, VT.  This distillery makes Silo Whiskey and Silo Bourbon.

Appalachian Gap Distillery, Middlebury, VT. This distillery is working on Snowfall Vermont Whiskey.

Caledonia Spirits, Hardwick, VT. This distillery makes Early Riser Corn Whiskey.

Cold Springs Spirits, Warren, VT.  This distillery makes bourbon, rye and corn whiskey under the label Mad River Distillers.

Green Mountain Distillers, Stowe, VT. This Vermont microdistillery is currently aging an organic single malt.

Vermont Spirits, Quechee, VT. This distillery makes Black Snake Whiskey, an unaged corn whiskey.

Virginia  (Distilleries by State)

A. Smith Bowman (Buffalo Trace/Sazerac Co.), Fredericksburg, VA. Buffalo Trace owned A. Smith Bowman redistills whiskey originally distilled at the Buffalo Trace Kentucky distillery. They market Bourbon under the labels Virginia Gentleman, Bowman Brothers and John J. Bowman. They are also making a rye whiskey under the label Abraham Bowman Virginia Whiskey and are planning a white whiskey under the label VG Shine.

Belmont Farms/Stillhouse Distillery, Culpeper, VA. This distillery which formerly made Virginia Lightening corn whiskey and Kopper Kettle three grain whiskey appears to have changed hands and now makes The Original Moonshine Clear Corn Whiskey and is planning a new Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey. 

Catoctin Creek Distillery, Purcellville, VA. This Virginia distillery makes Roundstone Rye, an organic rye whiskey made from 100% rye as well as Mosby's Spirit, an unaged rye spirit.

Copper Fox Distillery, Sperryville, VA. Makers of Wasmund's single malt whiskey as well as Copper Fox Rye Whiskey.  They are make Belle Grove 1797 Whiskey, a whiskey made from barley, oats and rye.

George Washington Distillery Mount Vernon, VA. Probably the most unique distillery project in the United States. Around 2000, the Mount Vernon trust began excavating the first president's distillery near the estate. They restored the still that he used to make rye whiskey and retained former Maker's Mark distillery manager Dave Pickerell to distill a rye whiskey based on Washington's original recipe. In 2010, they released a very limited bottling of George Washington Rye distilled at Mount Vernon.

Reservoir Distillery, Richmond, VA. This Richmond distillery makes Reservoir Bourbon, rye and wheat whiskey.

River Hill Wine & Spirits, Luray, VA.  This winery/distillery is working on River Hill Bourbon.

Virginia Distillery Co., Eades Hollow, VA. The Virginia Distillery Company is building a distillery to produce Scotch style single malt whiskey. They currently bottle Scotch under the label Eades Double Malt Whisky. Famed Scotch Distiller Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich is listed as the Master Distiller for Virginia Distillery.

Virginia Distilling Co. (Legacy Artisan Distillers), Virgilina, VA. This distillery is working on Four Whitts Virginia Belle Corn Whiskey.

Virginia Sweetwater Distillery (Appalachian Mountain Spirits), Marion, VA. This distillery is working on Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine, a corn whiskey and War Horn Whiskey.

Washington  (Distilleries by State)

2bar Spirits , Seattle, WA.  This distillery makes a corn whiskey under the label 2bar Spirits Moonshine and is aging a bourbon.

2 Loons Distillery, Loon Lake, WA.  This distillery is working on a corn whiskey.

3 Howls Distillery/Backbeat Distillery, Seattle, WA.  This bottler plans to release  Backbeat Bourbon, distilled in Tennessee (likely by Corsair), 3 Howls Rye and 3 Howls Single Malt.

Bainbridge Organic Distillers, Bainbridge Island, WA. This organic distillery makes Bainbridge Battle Point Organic Whiskey, a wheat whiskey.

Batch 206 Distillery, Seattle, WA. This distillery makes See 7 Stars Moonshine, a corn whiskey and Barrel Raider Bourbon, which appears to be a sourced bourbon.

Black Heron Spirits, West Richland, WA. This distillery makes Desert Lightning Corn Whiskey, Monti's Cellar Wild West Whiskey, Black Heron Bourbon, Black Heron Moonshine corn whiskey and Coyote Howl Whiskey.

Black Sam Distillery/Sylvia Creek Distillery, Monsanto, WA. This distillery is planning on making a bourbon and Black Sam Moonshine, a spirit whiskey.

Blue Spirits Distilling, Chelan, WA. This distillery is working on a bourbon called Local Choice.

Carbon Glacier Distillery, Wilkeson, WA. This distillery opened in 2012 and makes Stocking Stuffer Whiskey. They are also working on a bourbon and a malt whiskey.

Copperworks Distilling Co., Seattle, WA.  This distillery makes vodka and gin and is aging a malt whiskey.

Deception Distilling, Anacortes, WA.  This distillery is planning on making Skagit Moon Corn Whiskey.

Dominion Distillery, Colville, WA.  This distillery is working on a "triple malt" made from malted barley, malted wheat and peated barley.

Double V Distillery (Wysocki Spirits), Battle Ground, WA. This distillery is making Colonel Cobb Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

Dry County Distillery, Marysville WA. This distiller makes a number of spirits and is working on an Irish style whiskey, though it is not clear if they are distilling it themselves.

Dry Fly Distilling, Spokane, WA. This distillery makes a number of wheat whiskeys, a bourbon and  a triticale (a rye/wheat hybrid) whiskey.

Ellensburg Distillery, Ellensburg, WA. In late 2009, Ellensburg released its first bottles of Gold Buckle Club Washington Frontier Style Whisky, a malt whiskey. They also make Wildcat White Moonshine and appear to be working on a rye.

Evanson Handcrafted Distilling, Spokane, WA. This distillery is working on Spokane Falls Single Malt White Dog Whiskey.

Ezra Cox Distillery, Centralia, WA. This distillery is making an unaged single malt whiskey.

Fremont Mischief Distillery, Seattle, WA. This distillery makes John Jacob Whiskey and bottles two 8 year old Canadian whiskeys under the labels Fremont Mischief whiskey and Commemorative Soldier Whiskey. All are made from a 100% rye mash.  They are also working on Apparition White Whiskey.

Golden Distillery, Bow, WA. This distillery makes two malt whiskeys: Samish Bay Whiskey and White Gold Whiskey.

Heritage Distilling, Gig Harbor, WA. This distillery makes Commander's Rye.  In the past, they have made whiskey under the labels Elk Rider and Wherskey as well as an in-house DIY program under the Cask Club label. They are also working on Batch No. 12 Blended Whiskey and Batch No. 12 Bourbon and Rye distilled at MGP.

It's 5, Cashmere, WA. This microdistillery makes Block & Tackle Sunshine Corn Whiskey and a moonshine under the Block & Tackle label.  They are also working on a corn whiskey, bourbon and a rye under the It's 5 label; it appears that they may be using sourced whiskeys.

J.P. Trodden Distilling, Woodinville, WA. This distillery is planning to release J.P. Trodden Bourbon in 2013.

Mac Donald Distillery, Snohomish, WA. This distillery makes a wheat-based white whiskey under the label Ty Wolfe Whiskey and also makes Headwaters Whiskey and a rye whiskey for Skip Rock Distillers.

Mount Baker Distillery, Bellingham, WA. This distillery is planning on making Mt. Baker Moonshine, a corn whiskey.

Oola Distillery, Seattle, WA. This craft distillery makes Waitsburg Bourbon which is a blend of sourced bourbon and bourbon made at the distillery.

Parliament Distillery, Sumner, WA. This distillery is working on Ghost Owl Whisky, an unaged malt whiskey.

Project V Distillery & Sausage Co., Woodinville, WA. This distillery is working on Mo's Whiskey, a wheat whiskey.

Seabeck Spirits, Seabeck, WA. This distillery is working on corn, wheat and rye whiskeys.

Seattle Distilling Co., Vashon, WA. This distillery plans to make Snake Whiskey, a whiskey made from undisclosed grains and Idle Hour, a malt whiskey.

Second Chance Spirits, Prosser, WA. This distillery makes Blue Flame Wheat and Rye Whiskey, Zombie Rye Whiskey, and 12 Whiskey, a bourbon mash whiskey.

Skunk Brothers Spirits, Stevenson, WA.  This distillery is planning to open in 2013 and make a corn-based whiskey labeled as moonshine.

Sound Spirits, Seattle WA.  This distillery makes a number of spirits and is working on a single malt.

Tatoosh Distillery, Seattle, WA. This distillery is planning to make Northwest Blended Whiskey, Northwest Reserve Whiskey and Tatoosh Bourbon, to be bottled at Bendistillery in Oregon.

Tucker Distillery, Silverdale, WA. This distillery is working on Mama Tucker's Farm Style Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Walla Walla Distilling Co., Walla Walla, WA. This distillery makes a white whiskey and plans to release a sourced blend of straight whiskeys.

Westland Distillery, Seattle, WA.  This distillery is working on a number of new make malt whiskeys including a peated malt whiskey.

Wishkah River Distillery, Aberdeen, WA. This distillery is working on a number of spirits, including Thirteen Corners, an unaged malt whiskey.

Woodinville Whiskey Co., Woodinville, WA. Working with Dave Pickerell, this distillery makes Headlong White Dog Whiskey, Mashbill No. 9 Bourbon and 100% Rye.

West Virginia  (Distilleries by State)

Black Draft Distillery, Martinsburg, WV.  This distillery is working on First Harvest Moonshine Corn Whiskey made from corn, barley and wheat.

Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine, Gilbert, WV.  Chronicled by a History Channel reality show about the famous feuding family, this distillery makes Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine, an unaged corn whiskey.

Isaiah Morgan Distillery, Summersville, WV. A winery that makes an unaged rye as well as Southern Moon, an unaged corn liquor.

Pinch Gut Hollow Distillery (Heston Farm), Fairmont, WV. This distillery branch of Heston Farm Winery makes Buckwheat Moon, a buckwheat whiskey, and is working on Dixon Corn Whiskey.

Smooth Ambler Spirits, Maxwelton, WV. This distillery produces an unaged bourbon under the label Exceptional White Whiskey and a wheated bourbon under the label Yearling Bourbon. They are also releasing sourced, LDI distilled bourbons, rye and corn whiskey under the label Smooth Ambler Old Scout.

West Virginia Distilling Co., Morgantown, WV. They distill corn whiskey to use in their Mountain Moonshine Spirit Whiskey.

Wisconsin (Distilleries by State)

45th Parallel Spirits, New Richmond, WI. This distillery, on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border, makes Border Bourbon and New Richmond Rye.

Central Standard Craft Distillery,  Milwaukee, WI.  This distillery is planning on releasing a white oak whiskey and a bourbon.

Door County Distillery, Sturgeon Bay, WI. This distillery is working on a single malt whisky.

Great Lakes Distillery, Miwaukee, WI. In March, 2010, this micro issued a very limited release of Bourbon and they are working on rye whiskeys under the labels Barrel 1907 and Menomonee Valley Rye. They also make Kinnickinnic Blended Whiskey, a blend of Kentucky bourbon and malt whiskey made by the distillery.

Lo Artisan Distillery, Sturgeon Bay, WI. This distillery makes a traditional Hmong rice spirit and are working on an aged rice whiskey under the label Yerlo Whiskey X.

Old Sugar Distillery, Madison, WI. Makers of Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey.

Yahara Bay Spirits, Madison, WI. Makers of Yahara Bay Lightening, an unaged whiskey, Yahara Bay Whiskey and Wheel House Whiskey, four grain whiskeyss (corn, barley, wheat and rye) as well as a single malt, V Bourbon and Crooked Water Bourbon. They also bottle Charred Oak Bourbon and rye for RJR Spirits and make Death's Door Whiskey for Death's Door Spirits and Ugly's Moonshine.

Wyoming (Distilleries by State)

Wyoming Whiskey , Kirby, WY. Wyoming Whiskey have plans to make "America's next great bourbon." They started distilling in July 2009.

II. INDEPENDENT BOTTLERS   (Back to Distilleries by State)

Technically, not all of the companies listed below are bottlers. Some are simply brand owners that contract out bottling to another company. There are often long corporate and contractual trails that an independent Bourbon takes, from distiller to bottler to brand owner/distributor, which makes it hard to identify who produces, bottles and/or owns any given independently bottled whiskey, but I've done my best to identify what I can.

0-9 |  A |  B |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 
  N |  O |  P |  Q |  R |  S |  T |  U |  V |  W |  X |  Y |  Z

0-9 (Independent Bottlers Top)

4 Spirits Distillery, Adair Village, OR. This company bottles 4 Spirits Bourbon, which is distilled at LDI in Indiana.

35 Maple Street Spirits (TOG Wines), Sonoma, CA. 35 Maple is the spirits division of The Other Guys (TOG), a Sonoma wine company run by the Sebastiani family. They bottle Masterson's Canadian Whiskeys and are planning to bottle Bib & Tucker Bourbon, distilled in Tennessee and bottled by Kentucky Artisan Distillery.

A (Independent Bottlers Top)

Alchemist Beverage Co., Scotland, UK. This indpendent bottler of single malt Scotch and brandy has done at least one bottling of Heaven Hill bourbon.

Artesian Distillers, Grand Rapids, MI.   The company markets Prohibition Edition Kentucky Bourbon.

B (Independent Bottlers Top)

Bardstown Barrel Selections, Bardstown, KY.  This company makes whiskey that is sourced from LDI, bottled by MGP and marketed by Dynamic Spirits under the following labels: Corn Star White Whiskey, Redemption Bourbon and Rye, Riverboat Rye and Temptation Bourbon.

Big Bottom Whiskey, Hillsboro, OR. This Oregon based independent bottler bottles Bourbon made by LDI under the Big Bottom and Calhoun Brothers labels as well as Barlow Trail Blended Whiskey.

Bin to Bottle, Napa, CA.  This company mostly bottles wine for other labels, but are also planning on releasing Straight Edge Bourbon under the Splinter Group label.

Bitter Truth, Bruggen, Germany. This German company makes Bitter Truth Rye Whiskey, a 24 year old cask strength Kentucky rye whiskey, exclusively for the European market.

The Black Prince Distillery,  Clifton, NJ.  This company releases a variety of spirits including R.J. Hodges Bourbon and Blended Whiskey.

Borco , Hamburg, Germany.  This importer/bottler bottles Pennypacker Bourbon, distilled by Heaven Hill and Clarke's 1866 Bourbon for the Aldi supermarket chain. 

Brave Spirits, Narberth, PA. This company markets military-themed spirits, including First In Blended Whiskey, which it says is distilled and aged in Kentucky.

Bull Run Distilling Co., Portland, OR. This distillery is ageing its own whiskey but meanwhile has released Temperance Trader bourbon and whiskey, distilled by MGP.

C (Independent Bottlers Top)

California Vineyards, Inc. (CVI Brands), San Carlos, CA. CVI owns the Black Maple Hill label, which is bottled by KBD and includes premium, aged Bourbons and ryes.  Most of the past Black Maple Hill products have been Kentucky bourbon and rye, but in 2014, they released Oregon Bourbon and Rye made by the Stein Distillery.

Camp 1805 Distillery/Abide Craft Distillers, Hood River, OR. This company is planning to release Headwind Bourbon and Endurance White Whiskey.

Carolina Moon Distillery, Edgefield, SC.  This company bottles Black Betty Whiskey.

Charles Jacquin et cie., Philadelphia, PA.  This international spirits company bottles Lock Stock & Barrel Rye, a Canadian rye from Alberta Distillers, Vim & Vigor blended whiskey and Jacquin's Premium blended whiskey.

Charles Medley Distillery, Fairfield, CA. This brand is owned by the Medley family, formerly of the closed Medley distilley in Owensboro, KY, which is owned by CL Financial/Angostura who do not seem interested in reopening it. They produce Wathen's, Old Medley and Medley Brothers Kentucky bourbons, which are bottled by Frank-Lin.

Chatham Imports, New York, NY. This company sells Bourbon and rye under the Michter's label, which is bottled for them by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (see below). Michter's was a Pennsylvania distillery, the last of whose Bourbon is owned and bottled by Preiss Imports (see below). This Michter's brand has nothing to do with that distillery except that Chatham now owns the name.

Chattanooga Whiskey Co., Chattanooga, TN. This company is marketing an LDI whiskey bottled by Strong Spirits under the label Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Reserve.

Clark Distributing Co., Versailles, KY.  This company is a Kentucky beer distributor which is marketing Clark & Martin Private Stock bourbon, bottled by Strong Spirits.

Cleveland Whiskey, Cleveland, OH. This company is developing an accelerated ageing process to age young whiskey. They are using sourced Kentucky bourbon and are also planning on coming out with a rye distilled at MGP.

Conecuh Ridge Whiskey (Spirits Acquisition Corp.), Orange Beach, AL. This Alabama bottler uses Kentucky Bourbon for its Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Whiskey. The "made in Bardstown, KY" label narrows the suspects to Heaven Hill, Tom Moore or KBD.

Cotton Hollow Distilling, The Woodlands, TX.   This company is marketing an LDI rye, a Tennessee bourbon and a Kentucky bourbon, bottled by Strong Spirits.

Crossroad Vintners, Indianapolis, IN. This distributor markets Backbone Bourbon, a bourbon distilled by LDI and bottled by Strong Spirits.

Cutler's Artisan Spirits, Santa Barbara, CA.   This company is planning to come out with 33 Bourbon and Rye, sourced whiskeys likely from MGP, 33 Light Whiskey and Cutler's Silver Whiskey, an unaged whiskey.

D (Independent Bottlers Top)

Diageo, London, UK. The world's largest spirits corporation owns the George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey distillery, but they don't own any Bourbon or rye distilleries. To get into the Bourbon game, they released Bulleit Bourbon, which is made for them by Four Roses, and Bulleit Rye which is distilled by LDI. They also own the I.W. Harper Bourbon label which is now used only for export to Asia, Seagram's 7 Crown blended whiskey and Jeremiah Weed flavored and blended whiskeys.  In 2013 Diageo founded the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co., operated out of George Dickel, which will bottle a number of labels including Barterhouse, Old Blowhard and Rhetoric Kentucky Bourbons distilled at the Bernheim Distillery and Strongbox (as yet unidentified type of whiskey).

Death's Door Spirits, Washington Island, WI. This company is working on its own distillery but for now its Death's Door Wheat Whiskey is distilled by Yahara Bay Spirits.

Distilled Spirits Epicenter, Louisville, KY. This company is marketing Clarion blended whiskey, distilled by LDI, Bower Hill Single Barrel, a Kentucky bourbon, Stillhouse Moonshine, a corn whiskey and Reilly's Mother's Milk, an Irish style whiskey.

Diversa Brands, Louisville, KY.   Diversa Brands owns a number of brands including Big Ass Bourbon, Shippen Bros. Bleu Sky Rye and 1888 Bourbon (distilled at MGP).  Their brands have been bottled by Strong Spirits and Kentucky Artisan Distillery.

Donner-Peltier Distillers, Thibodaux, LA.  This company is planning to release LA1 Louisiana Whiskey with a corn/rye/barley mashbill.

Duck River Distillery, Lewisburg, TN. This distillery is working on a white whiskey.

E (Independent Bottlers Top)

Eastside Distilling, Portland, OR. Makers of Burnside Bourbon, Rye and Corn Whiskey, sourced whiskeys.

F (Independent Bottlers Top)

Florida Caribbean Distillers, Auburndale, FL. This company bottles Kentucky Old Reserve Bourbon, Colville Bourbon and a number of blended whiskeys, including Kentucky Prize, Express Load and Alibi.

Foster's Group, Melbourne, Australia. Australian for beer is apparently also Australian for whiskey. Foster's sells Cougar Bourbon and rye in Australia (export only), distilled at Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (see above).

Frankfort Spirits, Frankfort, IL.  This company is planning to release Emil Stimple Bourbon.

Frank-Lin Distillers, San Jose, CA. Frank-Lin is a distributor of a number of Kentucky Bourbon brands of indeterminate origin for which they may also own the brands. They include:

Black Saddle
Bourbon Age
Bourbon Club
Buck Bourbon
Joshua Brook
Medley Bros.(for Charles Medley)
Old Medley (for Charles Medley)
Pocket Shot
Sec8onds Rye Whiskey
Wathen's (for Charles Medley)
Whiskey Sister

They also distribute blended whiskeys uneder the Potter's, Glenwood, Dirty Shine, Quality Times and Barret's labels.

G (Independent Bottlers Top)

Gatlinburg Barrelhouse, Gatlinburg, TN.  This company bottles Davy Crockett's Tennessee and Blended Whiskeys and Cooter Brown Blended Whiskey.

Great Smoky Mts. Distillery, Gatlinburg, TN.  This new company is preparing to market Doc Collier Moonshine Corn Whiskey.

Griffin Ranch Micro Distillery, Swisher, IO. This distillery markets Griff's Cowboy Whiskey, a corn whiskey distilled by the Cedar Ridge Distillery, also in Swisher, Iowa.

H (Independent Bottlers Top)

Haas Brothers, San Francisco, CA. Haas brothers is a century old spirits importer which has recently revived the Cyrus Noble bourbon brand, which is an independent bottling of a Heaven Hill bourbon.

Haliimaile Distilling Co., Makawao, HI.  This company owns the label Paniolo Blended Whiskey which is bottled by LeVecke Corporation.

Heartland Distillers/Colglazier & Hobson, Indianapolis, IN. This bottler is working on Spring Mill Indiana Bourbon, an LDI bourbon.

High Liquors. High Liquors markets vodka, tequila, whiskey and rum under the High label. Their whiskey is a blend of bourbon and rye distilled at LDI. They currently market their spirits only in Kentucky and Indiana.

High Spirits Importing, Addison, IL. This importer sells Whiskey Trails Bourbon, bottled by KBD, as well as Scotch under the Whisky Thieves and other labels.

Homestead American Whiskey, Homestead, IA. This company markets Homestead Bourbon, which is distilled at MGP and bottled by Strong Spirits.

Hood River Distillers, Hood River, OR.  This bottler is most known for Pendleton Canadian Whisky, but they also bottle Four Seasons Blended Whiskey and Lewis and Clark Blended Whiskey.  In 2014, they acquired the Clear Creek Distillery in Portland.

I (Independent Bottlers Top)

Indio Spirits, Portland, OR. This bottler produces many sourced spirits, including James Oliver Rye and American Whiskey, Idaho Bourbon and Penthouse Whiskey.

J (Independent Bottlers Top)

James E. Pepper. This is a private label based on a historical brand. It has released James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon and Rye. The original bourbon was distilled at Corsair; the rye was distilled at LDI and bottled by Strong Spirits.

Jem Beverage Co., Carrollton, TX. This company markets blended whiskey, a bourbon and a rye from an undisclosed distillery under the label Red River and is going to release Texas Shine, South House Moonshine and Lonespur Texas Whiskey.

Jewish Whisky Company, Guilford, CT.  This company releases single cask bottlings for its private club under the Single Cask Nation label.  They are primarily a Scotch bottler but have bottled a Heaven Hill Bourbon, a Catoctin Creek Rye and a blend of bourbon and rye from High West. The actual bottlings are done by the distilleries.

Josiah Thedford & Sons, Louisville, KY. This short-lived company made Thedford Colonial Style Bourbon, which was sourced from a Kentucky distillery. They seem to have gone out of business a few years ago, but bottles remain on some shelves.

Jus-Made/MBW Brands, Dallas, TX.  This company markets Backwoods Whiskey and Henderson Whiskey.

K (Independent Bottlers Top)

Kentucky Artisan Distillery (Copperhead Distillery), Crestwood, KY.  This bottler produces its own Whiskey Row label and also bottles for other companies such as Diversa's 1888 Bourbon, 35 Maple's Bib & Tucker Bourbon and Kindred Spirits' Highspire Rye.

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), Bardstown, KY. KBD is the big daddy of Bourbon and rye Bottling, and many of their brands are popular and have garnered positive reviews. They own and recently began distilling at the old Willett Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, but their current whiskeys on the market are all the products of other distillers. While they distribute some of their own bottlings, they also bottle spirits for other companies, such as Classic Cask, Michter's, and Black Maple Hill's Kentucky bourbons and ryes.

Black Maple Hill (Kentucky products bottled for CVI)
Classic Cask (bottled for Spirit Imports, Inc., see below)
Corner Creek
Delilah's Rye
Hughes Bros. Rye
Joel Richard
Johnny Drum
Kentucky Pride
Kentucky Vintage
Michter's Bourbon and Rye (bottled for Chatham Imports, see above).
Noah's Mill
Old Bardstown
Old St. Nick (export only)
Pure Kentucky XO
Rathskeller Rye (for Louisville's Grand Hotel)
Rebellion Bourbon
Rowan's Creek
Speakeasy Select (for Louisville's Grand Hotel)
Vintage Bourbon and Rye
Whiskey Trails (Bottles for High Spirits Importing)

Koenig Distillery, Caldwell, ID.  This company is planning to release Seven Devils Bourbon, a sourced bourbon, likely from MGP in Indiana.

L (Independent Bottlers Top)

Laird & Co., Scobeyville, NJ. The makers of Laird's Applejack also bottle Banker's Club Bourbon and G&W Private Stock Bourbon as well as blended whiskeys under the labels Banker's Club, Five O'Clock, Senator's Club, Kassers 51, Seven Star and Willam Penn.

LeVecke Corp. (aka Fairmont Ltd.), Mira Loma, CA/Londonberry, NH. This distributor markets sourced Kentucky bourbons under the label Jesse James, Courtney & Woods, Zachory Boone, American Pride, Sterling, Heritage, Prestige, American Distilling & Bottling Co., American Distilling Co., Veterans' Spirit, War Eagle (now Buffalo Trace) and Watkins; they also sell American Duke Club Bourbon and blended whiskeys under the labels American Pride, Heritage, Sterling, Prestige, 75 South, American Distilling & Bottling Co., American Distilling Co. and Paniolo (for Haliimaile Distilling). They also market Full Throttle S'loonshine spirit whiskey.

Lipman Brands, Nashville, TN.  The company owns Old Hickory Blended Bourbon, which is bottled by Strong Spirits. 

Louisville Distilling Company, Louisville, KY. Founded by former Brown Forman distiller Lincoln Henderson, this company says it has plans for a new microdistillery, but for now it is releasing Angel's Envy, a Bourbon distilled elsewhere and then finished in port pipes and Angel's Envy Rye, distilled by MGPI.

Luxco Inc., St. Louis, MO. Luxco sells Bourbon under multiple brands, including Ezra Brooks, Old Ezra, Rebel Yell, Rebel Reserve, Paramount, Yellowstone, Bellows, David Nicholson 1843, Old Gilson, Fro and Daviess County and blended whiskey under the labels Wall Street, Paramount, Gold Award and Blanchard's.

M (Independent Bottlers Top)

M.S. Trading LP, Alexandria VA. This company owns Filibuster Bourbon and Rye, which is distilled at LDI in Indiana and bottled by Strong Spirits.

Maison de la Vie Ltd./Golden Moon Distillery, Golden, CO. This bottler is releasing sourced whiskeys under the Gun Fighter label, including a bourbon, a rye and an American Whiskey which is a blend of LDI and Kentucky whiskey.

Mango Bottling Inc., Cocoa, FL.  Known primarily for something called Tooters, this company also markets Kentucky bourbons under the labels  1812 Special Reserve, Sweet Hollow and Owen's Rare and another bourbon of unknown provenance under the label Double Spur.

McCormick Distilling Co., Weston, MO. Unlike some of the entries on this list which call themselves distillers, this Missoui producer is an actual distillery. For years, this distillery made Platte Valley Corn Whiskey at their Missouri plant. McCormick still owns the brand but are now sourcing the whiskey from Kentucky; given that Heaven Hill is the only Kentucky macrodistillery producing corn whiskey, they are a pretty safe bet. McCormick also markets a Kentucky bourbon and a blended whiskey under the McCormick label and Triple Crown Blended Whiskey.

McLain and Kyne Distillery (Castle Brands), Louisville, KY. McLain and Kyne bottles Bourbon and rye under the brands Jefferson and Jefferson Reserve. They used to own the Sam Houston brand as well, but that appears to now be owned by Western Spirits.

Midnight Madness Distilling/PA Private Label Spirits, Milford, PA.  This company markets MGP distilled whiskeys including LeMont Rye, Big Y, Rye, 99 Bottles Bourbon and Rye, The Saloon Bourbon and Rye, Smokin' Joe's Bourbon and Rye, and Winghart's Borubon and Rye as well as some private label bourbons, Kobold Firewater Bourbon, Fortis Bourbon and Rye, Time Rye and Lloyd Rye, also likely from MGP.

Mile High Spirits, Denver, CO. This private bottler opened a microdistillery in 2012, though it is not clear that they are distilling whiskey. They are bottling Fireside Whiskey, a straight whiskey made from undisclosed grain and made at an undisclosed Colorado distillery, Fireside White Dog, a corn whiskey and Fireside Bourbon and Rye, sourced whiskeys.

Minhas Micro Distillery, Monroe, WI.  This company is going to release Blumer's Moonshine, which is labeled as a Corn Whiskey, though also as grain neutral spirits.  They also plan to release Punjabi Club, a rye whiskey. and Chinook Whiskey.

Missouri Spirits, Springfield, MO. This company bottles a bourbon, a rye and a corn whiskey under its "House" label.

Mosswood Distillers, San Francisco, CA.  This company is planning to release MosswoodWhiskey, a whiskey distilled in Tennessee and finished in a variety of barrels and Mosswood Light Whiskey, distilled at MGP.

Motor City Gas, Royal Oak, MI. This company is selling a sourced whiskey, Royal Oak'd Rye and two bourbons, Oak Town Brown, likely MGP, and Belly Up Bourbon, a Kentucky bourbon. 

Mountain View Vineyards, Stroudsburg, PA.  This winery is bottling Mountain View Original Shine Corn Whiskey.

N (Independent Bottlers Top)

NLV Tequila Bottling, North Las Vegas, NV.  This tequila bottler markets Black Suit Whiskey and Evening Snow Whiskey.

NJoy Spirits, Weeki Wachee, FL.  Bottler of Wild Buck Rye Whiskey.

North Texas Distillers, Lewisville, TX. This distillery makes vodka and has released 1835 Bourbon which appears to be sourced.  They are also working on Texas Silver Star Spirit Whiskey, Salado Texas Whiskey and Henderson Rye, distilled by MGP.

Northern Latitudes Distillery, Lake Leelanau, MI.  This company markets Deer Camp Bourbon, a sourced bourbon.

O (Independent Bottlers Top)

Old Pogue, Campbellsville, KY. Bottlers of Bourbon under the Old Pogue label, they opened a distillery in 2012.

Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, Louisville, KY. Old Rip Van Winkle is the whiskey company of Julian Van Winkle whose family owned the old Stitzel-Weller distillery which closed in 1991. The company is a joint venture with the Buffalo Trace distillery which makes much of their Bourbon and rye whiskey, but some of their older bottlings include old stocks from Stitzel-Weller and the Bernheim Distillery (now owned by Heaven Hill).

Old Tahoe Distillery, Caldwell, ID/Carson City, NV. This company appears to be affiliated with Koenig Winery & Distillery, also in Caldwell, Idaho.  They are marketing Old Tahoe Rye.

Old Towne Distillery (Heritage Tobacco Group), Harrodsburg, KY.  This company sells Elkhorn American Whiskey.

O'Neill Vintners & Distillers, Parlier, CA.  This contract bottler bottles Charles Goodnight Bourbon, a Kentucky bourbon.

Original Texas Legend Distillery, Orange, TX. This company is marketing Troubadour Bourbon, which appears to be a sourced bourbon.

P (Independent Bottlers Top)

Painted Stave Distilling, Smyrna, DE.  This company bottles Old Cooch's Corn Whiskey.

Panache Beverages, New York, NY.   This company owns Alibi blended whiskey and American Whiskey which is bottled by Florida Caribbean Distillers.  They recently purchased a distillery in New Port Richey, Florida.

Patriarch Distillers, La Vista, NE.  This company sells Soldier Valley Bourbon and is also planning on bottling a rye.

Phillips Union/United State Distilled Products/Crosby Lake Spirits, Princeton, MN. These related bottling companies bottle a wide variety of spirits, including Phillips Union Whiskeys, Cooper's Mark Bourbon, Paddleford Creek Bourbon, Broken Bell Bourbon, Black Eagle Bourbon, KFB Bourbon and Wakefield Blended Whiskey. It appears that they own some labels but also do contract bottling.

Preiss Imports (Anchor Distillery/Griffin Group), San Diego, CA. Preiss imports is a bottler and importer that bought up the old stocks of A.H. Hirsch from the closed Michter's distillery in Pennsylvania. (The Michter's name is now used by Chatham Imports to bottle unrelated whiskey). They are bottling the last of the old Michter's Bourbon as A.H. Hirsch, but they are also using the Hirsch name on a variety of whiskeys, including a Canadian whisky, a rye and an "American whiskey," none of which appear to have any relation to A.H. Hirsch.

Prestige Imports, Mt. Clemens, MI. This company markets Rod & Rifle Bourbon (distilled in Tennessee), Blended Whiskey  and Rye (likely distilled by MGP) which are bottled by Georgia Distilling Company.

Prohibition Spirits, Sonoma, CA. This company bottles Hooker's House Bourbon, a Kentucky bourbon which they finish in Pinot Noir casks, General's Reserve Bourbon, an LDI bourbon, an LDI rye and a corn whiskey, and they are working on Bounty Hunter Bourbon, a sourced bourbon.

Proximo Spirits, Jersey City, NJ.  This spirits company owns the Stranahan's Distillery in Colorado.  They also make Tin Cup Whiskey, a sourced whiskey distilled at MGP.

R (Independent Bottlers Top)

Range and River Distilling, Cody, WY.  This company releases whiskeys under the Single Track Spirits label including a rye whiskey that is likely distilled by MGP.

Reece's Distilled Spirits, Nixa, MO. This company is planning to release a moonshine, a "sour mash whiskey" and a bourbon under the Reece's label.

Rock River Spirits, Loves Park, IL. This company markets Forest City Reserve Bourbon, Rock Cut Classic Whiskey, Dublin Dew Whiskey and Tartan Smoked Peat Whiskey.

Royal Wine Corp., Bayonne, NJ. This kosher wine company is the distributor of the only certified kosher Kentucky Bourbons -- Old Williamsburg and Peter Jake's.

RJR Spirits, Marietta, GA. This company produces Charred Oak Bourbon and Rye, which appear to be bottled by Yahara Bay Distillers in Wisconsin and are likely distilled at MGP.

S (Independent Bottlers Top)

Salacious Spirits, Greenville, MI.  Marketer of Weekend Warrior Bourbon and Thomas Otto Whiskey.

Shadow Beverage Group, Indianapolis, IN.  This company plans to release Bourbon Brothers Whiskey as well as bourbon and rye under the J. Green label distilled at MGP and J. Tyler Bourbon and Rye.

Smugglers' Notch, Jeffersonville, VT.  This company bottles a sourced bourbon and a rye from MGP.

Speakeasy Spirits, Nashville, TN.  This company recently bought a distillery but it appears that their whiskey line is sourced; they also appear to have a relationship with Collier & McKeel, which may be the source of their whiskeys.  They are working on Peg Leg Porker Bourbon, Battlefield Bourbon - distilled in Tennessee, Cumberland Cask Tennessee Whiskey and bourbon, rye and "American Whiskey" under the Spirit of America Rye label.

Spirit Imports, Inc., Sunrise, FL. This is the distributor and may also be the owner of the Classic Cask line bottled by Kentucky Bourdon Distillers (see above).

Spring44 Distilling, Loveland, CO.  This company is planning to release a Kentucky bourbon and bourbon, rye and single malt under the Weaver's Spirits label.

Stark Spirits, Pasadena, CA.  This company plans to market a rye whiskey.

Strong Spirits, Inc., Bardstown, KY. This Bardstown company bottles bourbons for its own labels and those of others.  These include:

80 Strong Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (distilled by Heaven Hill)
Backbone Bourbon
Bardstown Barrel Selections
Barrell Bourbon (including bottlings distilled in Tennessee and MGP) and Rye (MGP)
Big Ass Small Batch Bourbon (distilled at MGP for Diversa)
Bone Snapper Rye
Cassius Clay Bourbon
Clark & Martin Private Stock Bourbon (for Clark Distributing)
Corn Star Corn Whiskey (MGP)
Cotton Hollow (for Cotton Hollow Distilling)
Filibuster Bourbon and Rye (distilled at MGP)
George Remus Bourbon and Rye (distilled at MGP for Queen City Whiskey)
Homestead Bourbon (distilled at MGP for Homestead American Whiskey)
James E. Pepper bourbon and rye
John L. Sullivan (Bourbon blended with Irish Whiskey)
J.R. Ewing Bourbon
Kentucky Owl
Lawless Bourbon
Old Hickory Blended Bourbon (Lipman Brands)
Pinhook Bourbon (CJS Beverage Corp.)
Ridge Reserve Bourbon
Shippen Bros. Bleu Sky Rye (Diversa)
Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine

T (Independent Bottlers Top)

Templeton Rye, Templeton, IA. This Iowa company's Templeton Rye uses rye distilled by Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (see above).

Temperance Distilling Co., Temperance, MI.   This company sells TDC Well Whiskey and Black Swamp blended whiskey.

Tennessee Spirits Co (Capital Brands LLC), Pewaukee, WI. Marketers of Breakout Rye and Jailers Tennessee Whiskey. The company is owned by Florida based Capital Brands and also seems to go by or be affiliated with Midwest Custom Bottlings.  These labels were discontinued in 2013 when the company went out of business.

TerrePure Spirits (Terressentia Corp.), Ladson, SC. This company buys spirits, including whiskey, and treats them with its TerrePURE process which it claims "uses ultrasonic energy-driven oxidation to complete reactions that fail to complete during the primary distillation," thereby removing cogeners. The company then bottles the spirits under private labels for restaurants, hotels, retailers, etc. They also have a few labels in general release.  Here is a partial list of their many brands, most of which are probably distilled at MGP:

1785 Reserve Bourbon
American Barrels Bourbon
Barn Door Bourbon
Bloodhound Brew Bourbon
Brownwood Bourbon
Cavalry Last Stand Bourbon
Coney Island Carlo Bourbon (distilled at MGP)
Darby's Reserve Rye
Devil Dog Bourbon
Feb 22 Bourbon
Freakin' Lightning Spirit Whiskey
Groveland Reserve Bourbon
Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Whiskey
Hawg Wash Bourbon
Hayes Parker Reserve
High Society Bourbon
Jedburg's Reserve Rye
Liberty Bourbon
Local Choice (multiple whiskeys)
Mac's Speed Shop Bourbon
OCSC Whiskey
Outlaw Spirits Co. (multiple whiskeys)
O.Z. Tyler Reserve Bourbon
Puckett's Branch Bourbon & Rye
Rainbow Creek Bourbon
Rocklands BBQ & Grilling Co. Bourbon
Roost Bourbon
Saloon Bourbon
Southshot Bourbon
Spirit Shop Bourbon
Spring House Reserve Rye
Springs Bourbon
Sumter's Reserve Rye
Team Spirits Bourbon
Trey Herring's Bourbon
Undo's U.53 Bourbon
Winchester Bourbon

Tipton Spirits, Brazil, IN. This bottler makes W.H. Harrison Indiana Bourbon, which is probably distilled at LDI.

Traverse City Whiskey Co., Empire, MI. This company has released a straight bourbon which appears to be sourced from elsewhere, possibly from MGPI, and appears to be bottled by Ugly Dog Distillery in Chelsea, MI.

Treaty Oak Distilling (formerly Graham Barnes Distilling), Austin, TX.   This company is planning to release Red Handed Bourbon, a blend of sourced bourbons.

U (Independent Bottlers Top)

Underdog Spirits (Golden State Vintners/The Wine Group), Cutler & Livermore, CA. Bottlers of Big House Bourbon, formerly distilled at MGP but which now appears to be made by Buffalo Trace.

V (Independent Bottlers Top)

Valentine Distilling Co., Ferndale, MI.  This company bottles Woodward Limited Whiskey, a bourbon.

Valley Shine Distillery, Mount Vernon, WA. Bottler of Benjamin's Bourbon.

Vision Wine & Spirits, Secaucus, NJ. This importer/marketer markets John B. Stetson bourbon, a Kentucky bourbon that appears to be distributed by Frank-Lin.

W (Independent Bottlers Top)

Western Spirits, Bowling Green, KY. This company markets Whitetail Whiskey, Sam Houston Whiskey, Calumet Farm Bourbon, Rodeo Bourbon, Bird Dog Bourbon, Peyote Bourbon and Lexington Bourbon. Their whiskeys are bottled by Three Springs Bottling Co.

WhistlePig Farm, Shoreham, VT. Founded by former Maker's Mark Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, WhistlePig has said it plans to open a distillery and make rye whiskey. For now, they have bottled a Canadian rye as WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey. WhistlePig Rye is imported and bottled by Raj Peter Bhakta's Goamericago Beverages.

Whitmeyer's Distilling Co., Houston, TX.  This company is planning to release what appears to be a sourced bourbon.

Workhorse Rye, San Francisco, CA.  This company makes Redhorse and Palehorse Whiskeys,  malted ryes aged in used barrels, and Triple Malt, made from malted rye, barley and wheat. They are distilled by the Raff Distillerie in San Francisco.

Wylie Howell Spirits, Walnut Creek, CA. Wylie Howell Whiskey is a corn whiskey distilled by Stillwater Spirits in Petaluma, CA to the specifications supplied by Wylie Howell Spirits.

If you know of any brands or distilleries not mentioned on this list, please let me know, and if you are from one of these distilleries, I'd love to hear from you about your plans and progress.